Why You Too Should Learn Elixir

Learn Elixir not because you will get a better job out of it, but because learning functional programming will make you a better programmer.


Cypress with React, Phoenix and Ecto

I managed to get a Phoenix project with a React frontend working with Cypress, using Ecto in sandbox mode.

That means full e2e testing with an actual backend and data layer, instead of a mock server.


Elixir OTP Supervision "Tether"

While working on a side project, I got to try out a new supervision tree method for trapping processes that may never recover due to outside forces.


ElixirWeekly: The Elixir Community Newsletter, covering community news you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web, in one email every Thursday.

Rate Limiting library

Another rate-limiting library https://github.com/whitered/ratekeeper

case Ratekeeper.register("myapi.org", 10_000) do
  nil -> raise "Rate limits exceeded, request not allowed in next 10 seconds"
  delay ->

A dive into database multi-tenancy in Elixir with Ecto

A post with some tips and experiences about the migration of an application with a regular database to a multi-tenancy one in Elixir with Ecto.


harnais_map v0.1.0

Just pushed to Hex the first cut of harnais_map, a small package in the Harnais family to test maps and their contents.

The package will compare two maps, key by key and report the differences.

Composing Ecto Queries


7 ways of doing Fizz Buzz in Elixir and other clickbaity stuff


Elixir Releases: Solving Build-time vs Run-time env problem with Akd

We have been deploying/running production applications for about two years now and the first problem that comes to mind while deploying OTP releases is Build-time vs Run-time environment configuration. While running a Mix project there isn’t much of a difference between build-time and run-time as you are running the app in the same environment in which you’re compiling (building) it. However, that might not be the case when using releases. At Annkissam, we have come up with a few solutions to that problem which I explain better in this post.

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

How to Use IEx.pry in Elixir Tests

IEx.pry/0 is great for debugging Elixir applications, but can be perplexing to integrate into your tests. Here’s some quick tips.


KaufmannEx -  Elixir Microservices with Kafka and Avro

KaufmannEx is a library for building highly parallel Kafka backed services in Elixir. We’ve written a blog post looking at its features, structures.


Lispex, a lisp interpreter in Elixir

A Lisp interpreter in Elixir. Implements most of the constructs included in the Scheme flavor of Lisp. https://github.com/farazhaider/lispex

You can also find a detailed blog post about the project here

Elixir wrapper for ferd/vmstats to push metrics to StatsD

A tiny wrapper on top of the awesome ferd/vmstats package which pushes a lot of useful metrics about the erlang runtime using the statix library to a StatsD server. https://github.com/tripping/vmstats_ex

Drab v0.9.0 released!

Drab has changed the API, last time before the stable release. v0.9.0 is the last “big” release before upcoming holy grail, v1.0.0!


Hierarchy for ecto models with Postgres ltree

Tree structure & hierarchy for ecto models with ltree(Postgres)


Automated Fault Tolerance using the Circuit Breaker Pattern

Check out this article on how we use the Circuit Breaker pattern at Teachers Pay Teachers to make the site more reliable.


TMIB-18: This June, GitHub Reviews-related bugs got fixed


Generate UUID fields in Phoenix with Postgresql

A little TIL about how to auto-generate UUID fields automatically in Phoenix with Postgresql.


Elixir API and Elm SPA - Part 5: Persisting session data to localStorage

This is part 5 of a series on building a CRUD app with Elixir as the JSON REST API and Elm as the SPA.

Elixir API and Elm SPA - Part 5: Persisting session data to localStorage

Ecto.Observable - bring observability to your repos!

Just released Ecto.Observable - an easy way to bring “observable” functionality to your Ecto.Repo’s. Hook into the life cycle of your records to expand features without muddying your contexts.

Check it out at: https://github.com/nsweeting/ecto_observable

Work in progress! PR’s and suggestions welcome!