ElixirConf Embedded Round-Up

ElixirConf 2017 was a great opportunity to get together, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate what we’ve accomplished in the past year. In particular, Nerves has grown significantly in both maturity and popularity since the previous ElixirConf.

Check out our collection of the Nerves/embedded-related presentations here: http://embedded-elixir.com/post/2017-09-11-embedded-talks-elixirconf/

New on @elixirschool: benchmarking with Benchee!

New on Elixir School - a lesson on benchmarking in Elixir with Benchee! Learn just how easy it is to get real answers on how fast your functions are.


AlloyCI - Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator, written in Elixir.

I started a new project, and I’m open sourcing it today. It’s called AlloyCI, and it is a Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator, written in Elixir, that takes advantage of the GitLab CI Runner, and its capabilities as executor, to prepare and run your pipelines.

I prepared a blog post about it. You can also try out for yourself at https://alloy-ci.com

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Using CircleCi 2.0 with Elixir and Phoenix

I wrote up a blog post describing how I used CircleCI 2.0’s new Docker image support and caching features to speed up CI builds for a Phoenix app.

Hopefully this helps others out there who are also trying to migrate to the new 2.0 version with their Elixir / Phoenix applications!

Query - a simple tool to aid using Ecto in web settings.

During the process of migrating a Rails app to Phoenix, I needed to create a library that encompassed its paging, sorting and scoping requirements. From it, came Query. Although still in its infancy, hopefully someone can find it useful.


Metaprogramming Elixir: think about quote and unquote from viewpoint of context

I’d say thinking scope of variable always help programmers to write good code. Form my experience, I feel that is beneficial.

In this time, I’ve tried to search relationship between macro and context which is identical to scope in different languages


Elixir Releases with Distillery — A (Pretty) Complete Guide

A complete how to for creating Elixir Releases with Distillery. Including some tips for Phoenix, Ecto, and umbrella applications.


A simple way to automatically set the semantic version of your Elixir app

A simple way to automatically set the semantic version of your Elixir app - goodcode


Tips and Tricks for IEx

When I first started learning Elixir, one of the first things I learned is how to get into the command line interface via IEx. Here are the things I wish I knew then that I know now. http://echobind.com/blog/2017-08-31-tips-and-tricks-for-iex/

ElixirWeekly: The Elixir Community Newsletter, covering community news you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web, in one email every Thursday.

Phoenix contexts aren't finished yet

After spending some time migrating a Phoenix application from 1.2 to 1.3, including adding some contexts, Devon talks about the issues with testing and decoupling that he ran into, and includes some ideas for improvement.


EventBus 0.6 released

EventBus library getting more stable and getting very close v1.0. Give it a try to have delicious pub/sub experience on your library or project. For more event driven approaches without any dependency and really fast event passing using ETS concurrent read/writes.

Warning: I am delightedly using it on my own libraries that require event driven approaches. It might be addicting after sending a few notifications!


Links from ElixirConf 2017

I gathered links as I watched talks from ElixirConf 2017.


Weave 3.0 Released

Running your Elixir applications with Docker and/or Kubernetes? Weave helps you pull in secrets, from disk, and environment variables into your apps with ease. Check it out!


Approaching nested data with lenses and pattern matching

I wrote a blog post in response to a question about convention around using lenses vs. pattern matching. Ultimately I think the two approaches serve different, complementary purposes.


AsyncWith v0.1.0 is out! The async version of "with"

Keep writing non-async code, but have the great benefits of async code. “async with” abstracts the asynchronous part and hides it away from the developer.


Any feedback or help is more than welcome!

Spoiler Alert!! Agile is not a methodology

I started writing this article with an approach of presenting the benefits of the Agile Methodology For Startups. But while researching about Agile I learnt that there are several myths about agile. Startups, small businesses and even the entrepreneurs are misunderstanding the term “AGILE”.

Check out this Article: Spoiler Alert!! Agile is not a methodology

Elixir Releases & Docker — The Basics Explained

You’ve heard about Docker, you’ve heard about Releases — but what exactly are they? Should you use them? Can they work together? This article explores the basics of both technologies and the benefits from combining them:


Metaprogramming Elixir : How to deal with assertion in test macro of sample ExUnits one by one

Have you explored sample code of Metaprogramming Elixir? I’ve got curious how ExUnits return all assertion result. Based on sample code, I’ve implemented it.

Here’s what I came up with. https://blog.m346e.info/articles/how_to_deal_with_assertion_in_test_macro_of_sample_exunits_one_by_one/

Getting started with Tokumei web framework


This video shows setting up a cloud native modern web application with Docker and Elixir in just 10 minutes (even without Elixir installed).

Eighth monthly bors newsletter

It’s another monthly burst of news about bors-ng, the GitHub App that enforces the rule that a project should automatically maintain a line of code that always passes all the tests.