Configure Elixir in Production with Weave

12-Factor … Kubernetes … Docker Swarm … Running Elixir in production and keeping these in mind can be a challenge; how do we configured our compiled application at run-time?

Weave can help.

The first Elixir Youtube channel says Hello World! is launching the first (and only) Elixir Youtube channel, and what better way to start than a Hello World tutorial?

From Zero to Hero in Elixir - #1 Say Hello World to my little friend

An Introduction to GenServer

In our latest episode we build a simple shopping list with GenServer

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Multi-language Flowex components

I’ve published a post about creating multi-language Flowex components.

A simple “Hello, world” example is considered. The Export library is used for running Ruby and Python code and Porcelain library for spawning shell programs.


Create a riak_core application in Elixir (Part 4)

How to create a command that involve the entire cluster. https:[email protected]/create-a-riak-core-application-in-elixir-part-4-728512ece224

How Pattern Matching works in Elixir

Pattern Matching is one of the fundamental concepts that we need to master while learning Elixir.

Introducing Trans 2.0

Trans is an Elixir library for managing translations embedded into data structures.

Trans 2.0 was released last week with lots of improvements over the previous versions. This article explains the main changes, improvements and future plans for Trans:

https:[email protected]/introducing-trans2-407610887068

IntelliJ Elixir v5.0.0

  • Decompile any .beam file in your project (doesn’t matter what the original language was to Elixir modules and their containing functions and macros) and from the Elixir SDK

    • Go To Declaration works for both the decompiled module Aliases and the macros and functions, so you can now jump to at least a stub of all standard library functions and macros
    • Completion works for both decompiled module Aliases and the macros and functions, so standard library completion is present, but so is completion of Erlang dependencies once you’re compiled, such as :idna.
  • A bunch of bug fixes, including fixing the wonky highlights in random locations in files: it turned out that the annotator was always highlighting the call definition offset even if the call definition was in another file.

Phoenix Presence for Social Networks

Presence sharing without chat rooms. How to sync presences across a social network while maintaining privacy and scalability.

https:[email protected]/phoenix-presence-for-social-networks-5fb67143f0ad

ElixirWeekly: The Elixir Community Newsletter, covering community news you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web, in one email every Thursday.

Elixir Testing-Running only specific tests

This article comprises three major topics.

  • How to run the specific test cases?
  • How to use tags in test cases? and
  • How to configure the tests?

Level: Intermediate

https:[email protected]/elixir-testing-running-only-specific-tests-746cfc24d904


Happy Coding !!

Hub: Pub-sub subscriptions with pattern matching

First release of Hub: A pub-sub hub with pattern matching subscriptions.

Blog post in which I explain my need for Hub:

https:[email protected]/elixir-pubsub-hub-with-pattern-matching-95031a385c42

Credo v0.7.3 released

I released a new version of Credo, the static code analysis tool emphasizing code consistency and teaching.

This release fixes several minor bugs and introduces a new check for lazy logging ( CHANGELOG ).

Deploying Elixir Modules @ Multiple Nodes

This article explains about Elixir Module Deployment across multiple nodes from the scratch. Here we go with deep understanding of things like Node Creation, Establishing Node Connection and Deploying Modules across multiple Nodes.

https:[email protected]/deploying-elixir-modules-different-nodes-6c9cc17d3b97

Elixir Deplyment Image

Happy Coding !!

Using Apollo Client with Elixir's Absinthe

Check out how to use Apollo in a “Create React App”-based React application alongside an Absinthe-powered Elixir/Phoenix backend in this new article.

Storing any Elixir data in Postgres

Disclaimer : this is just an experiment. I don’t know how f… up it is to store Erlang’s terms in a SQL DB.

You can store any Elixir data (aka Erlang’s term) in Postgres. Here’s how you do it, step-by-step.

https:[email protected]/storing-any-elixir-data-in-postgres-e8f93367f473

10 Killer Elixir Tips #4

Part 4 of Killer Elixir Tips

Here is the another set of Elixir Tips…


Contribute with :: star :: *

Highlights of Article

  • In-depth Explanation
  • Live Demos

Killer Elixir Tips #4

LHeap: Leftist heaps in Elixir

Writing middleware with Macros

Here is an overview on how to use macros to create reusable middleware. I demonstrate this method with a Raxx application, but it could be applied to many situations.

Cook your KV

My #refl17 slides can be found here:

Using Create React App with Phoenix

Check out how to use Create React App to quickly get off the ground with React development, and how to integrate that front-end application with a Phoenix-powered back-end.