Deploying with Distillery and Docker

At SmartLogic we use Distillery to generate Erlang releases for our Elixir applications. Through this post we’ll explain how we generate the releases that get shipped to production.

ASDF, the package manager for all your languages

A full guide to installing ASDF and using it to install and choose versions of Erlang, Elixir, Node and Ruby

Get password from user in Mix Task

A short blog on how to get a password in Mix Task without echoing what the user it typing.

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Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

#CFT is open for #elixirconfla!

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5 Aha Tricks to Make Elixir‘s Interactive Shell more Pleasant

For the freshman of Elixir, there are some small tricks to make your programming way more pleasant and unhindered.

Filtering Ecto Queries with Pattern Matching and Recursion

Wrote a short blog post on using pattern matching and recursive function calls to apply filters to Ecto queries

Concurrent ant farm with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView

I just published a post about how I built a concurrent ant farm with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView.

Bamboo Campaign Monitor Adapter

A new adapter for Bamboo

Dealing with long-running HTTP Requests and Timeouts in Phoenix

Dealing with long-running HTTP Requests and Timeouts in Phoenix

When processing an HTTP request takes too long, it times out and Phoenix closes the connection. In this article we see how to simulate a long-running request and ways on how to fix the problem.

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ElixirMix Podcast 050 - Elixir Origin Story with José Valim

In this episode of ElixirMix, We talk with José Valim about how Elixir came into existence. We also discuss some of the newer work like Broadway, the upcoming 1.9 release, the new Erlang Ecosystem Foundation and much more!

Podcast Episode

My Take on Property-Based Testing for #erlang and #elixir

I just published a story on Erlang-Battleground about @mononcqc’s book and my own take on Property-Based Testing for #erlang and #elixir:

Phoenix LiveView Collection

Amazing demos and experiments that people are building with Phoenix LiveView.

What's new in Horde 0.5.0?

Horde 0.5.0 just got released and it’s a big one! I wrote about some of the highlights here:

Making the Elixir Parser atom-safe

A blogpost about my first significant contribution to Elixir

Phoenix LiveView Round-Up: The Story So Far

Blog post showing off some of the fantastic work that folks are doing with Phoenix LiveView.

How to write bits as read such as 0001 1101 on Elixir

I just published a new post “How to write bits as read such as 0001 1101 on Elixir”. I believe that It is a good sample to use sigil.

Telemetry for Elixir applications

Learn how to produce and report on telemetry metrics for your Elixir application.

This article demonstrates how to produce and report on useful metrics from an Elixir application built with the CQRS/ES pattern by using commands and domain events.

Gun. The Powerful Erlang HTTP Client

Another blog post on my favorite topic — HTTP clients & Elixir.

The problem with Umbrella Apps

Umbrella Projects/Apps are hard to maintain and shouldn’t be used unless you’re deploying the child apps individually:

Interceptor now lets you access intercepted function arguments

With the latest version of the Interceptor library, you will now have access to the actual arguments values passed to the functions that you want to intercept. Previously, you would only get the arity of the intercepted function.

Get it here and simplify your Elixir applications!