benchee 1.0 is finally here!

It has taken some time, but benchee 1.0 is finally here! This release mostly removes deprecated APIs - which ones? Run the 0.99 release to find out! Other than this benchee now shows the absolute difference of the averages in the comparison - is half a millisecond really worth that much new code? Read more in the Changelog and in the release blog post.

ExopData 0.1.5

ExopData new 0.1.5 version has been published:

  • check_operation macro to make your tests cleaner and reduce boilerplate code
  • new Exop’s :uuid type support
  • ~g sigil introduced to help you during custom generators definition

Frank Hunleth - Elixir in Production

We talk with Frank Hunleth from the Nerves core team about their current and past Elixir projects and how they are deployed.

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Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Open-source Elixir boilerplate app

After building dozens of products with Elixir since 2014, we open-source the boilerplate app we use to kickstart all of our projects!

This boilerplate comes with batteries included, you’ll find:


  1. Clone this project (git clone
  2. Delete the internal Git directory (rm -rf .git)
  3. Run the boilerplate setup script (./ YourProjectName)
  4. Create a new Git repository (git init)
  5. Create the initial Git commit (git commit -a -m "Initial commit")

Elixir: Gracefully Shutting Down GenServer Process [Video]

In this free episode we’ll take a look at using the terminate callback in GenServer to gracefully shutdown.

From 0 to DynamicSupervisor — Handling Processes in Elixir

With Java it’s possible to use processes and parallelize them but it isn’t common and it’s always a struggle. In Elixir I found another world that, citing Bruce Williams, doesn’t treat concurrency and process management like afterthoughts or advanced features. And a few months ago Elixir was updated to version 1.6 which introduced the DynamicSupervisor.

Check out the full article in our blog

Exop 1.2.4

New Exop 1.2.4 version:

  • new type: :uuid check
  • formatter rules
  • Exop.Chain’s :name_in_error feature
  • useful aliases

Phoenix LiveView Ant Farm

Last night I wanted to try out Phoenix LiveView, and I created this small experiment consisting of a bunch of old school ants running around (tutorial coming soon).

See them in action:

Elixir Streams to process large HTTP responses on the fly

Elixir Streams to process large HTTP responses on the fly

Wouldn’t be great to process a large HTTP response, in chunks, with Elixir streams? Something like:

|> StreamGzip.gzip
|> Stream.into(!("image.tiff.gz"))

In this first of a two-parts article, we see how to transform an HTTPoison async response into an Elixir Stream, to easily process large remote files on the fly, gaining code clarity and reusability.

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

TIL Ecto Constraints vs. Validations

When learning about Ecto, it is important to understand when to apply constraints and validations. But what are there differences? When do we need one or the other? Are there times when we want both? All of these questions can be answered on my blog post found on ElixirSchool!

ElixirMix Podcast 044 - Dangers of GenServers with Mika Kalathil

In this episode of ElixirMix, the panel talks with Mika Kalathil about common pitfalls using GenServers, recognizing and avoid the mistakes. We talk about the value of using Elixir for startups: developer productivity and the ability to scale when needed and much more!

Podcast Episode

Building a small distributed Elixir Application

Keeping state consistency while running an Elixir application on many servers.

Released deep_merge 1.0.0

Your library to handle deep/recursive merging finally goes officially stable 🎉🎉🎉

Not too many changes, a default implementation to derive from, type specs and elixir ~> 1.6 support.


hex package

Write Better Elixir Code | Medium Article

Article Image

Article Gist

#Don’t Do

new_status = 
    if status == "True" do


new_status = status == "True"

Local Clustering with epmd

For my project Grapevine, I start a single machine cluster using epmd. I ran into a few issues with the automatic epmd management. This post shows what issues I ran into and how I got around them.

Visual Programming with Elixir: Learning to Write Binary Parsers

Distributed programming isn’t the only area Elixir excels. One of the less advertised strengths of erlang’s little brother is that it contains one of the most elegant and compact ways to define binary parsers in a programming language. Code visually represents data structures making it easy to match and extract bytes and even individual bits in the function heads themselves. This capability makes Elixir an unexpected front-runner for learning and prototyping binary protocols.

IntelliJ Elixir 10.4.0

  • ESpec test runner
  • Fix module attribute warnings in .eex files.

Installation Instructions

Coney 2.2.0 released, healthcheck support added.

Coney is a convenience library for working with RabbitMQ effectively. It supports consuming and publishing messages, working with RabbitMQ cluster and holding several connections. Now it supports to be integrated into your service’s healthcheck system!

Check it on Github

Building a JSON API in Elixir with Phoenix 1.4+

Do you have a Rails background?

Are you tired of looking at outdated or incomplete tutorials on how to build a JSON API using Elixir and Phoenix?

This won’t just be about how to generate a new Phoenix API only app. That’s easy enough, you just need to pass the —no-webpack —no-html to mix

This tutorial is about creating a small, but fully operational JSON API for web applications.

ZXCVBN Port For Elixir

Just released zxcvbn v0.1.2, Elixir implementation of dropbox’s zxcvbn for password estimation in Elixir apps