These Weird Accents

Just blogged on possible pitfalls when dealing with accented strings (with examples in both Ruby and Elixir.)

Naïve approaches vs. voilá—it works.

Watercooler; A chat app with no websockets needed

I have published the complete watercooler project to github.

There is an associated blog post that goes through the steps I took to build it.

BambooSMTP 1.5.0-rc.4

Add a way to enforce relay authentication in config

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Getting Started with Elixir Meetup @grandcentrix in Cologne

On the 5th of Juni we’ll host a Getting started with Elixir Meetup here @grandcentrix in our cologne offices.

We’ll eat some pizza, have some drinks, learn about Elixir and hack something together! Everybody is welcome and no prior experience is required!

Bring your laptops!

Using Credo to improve your Elixir code

Would you like to improve your Elixir code and skills? Take a look at Credo.

Playing Together with Elixir Binaries - Strings :)

Article Image

This article comprises of things that you’ll encounter while working with Strings and Raw bytes explaining with real situational examples. I tried to design the images, to focus on what we are talking. Hope you like them.

A small gist An Image

Kerosene 0.8.0 is out

Kerosene 0.8.0 is released

Akd - Elixir Deployment Automation Package

Hi everyone,

We (Annkissam) just published our deployment automation package, akd. Akd is inspired by ruby’s Capistrano. It allows Elixir developers to easily compose a series of automated deployment tasks, and integrate with tools like distilery and docker , which simplify building and releasing Elixir applications. For more information and a detailed walkthrough, check out this post.

Spreading Through the Bitcoin Network

Let’s continue our Bitcoin adventures by replacing our standard single-node Supervisor with a DynamicSupervisor and start recursively connecting to other peers in the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network.

ElixirWeekly: The Elixir Community Newsletter, covering community news you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web, in one email every Thursday.

Introducing Level, an OSS app built in Elixir + Elm + GraphQL

Level is an alternative to real-time chat, optimized for deep focus. This is an early-stage project under active development.

Optimal - Keyword Opt Validation

Many functions take opts, and we’ve always wanted a unified interface for validating, defaulting, and documenting them. Optimal’s schema based approach allows for optimizations and auto-generated documentation.

Rethinking app env

This article questions current practices of using application environment and config scripts, and proposes a different approach to configuring Elixir based systems.

Beware of the Software: Gossip in Elixir

Beware of the Software is a new screencast, mostly on distributed systems with Elixir.

The first episode is up and it’s on building a small gossip middleware with Elixir.

ElixirCasts: Seeding Data in Phoenix

We look at how you can use seed data in a Phoenix application.

How to use Webpack and React with Phoenix 1.3

Phoenix 1.4 not yet released. But you might want to use Webpack already today. Can you do that? Sure.

Deriving an Elixir Protocol

This is part 2 of a series on Elixir Protocols. We start by using derive with the Protocol we defined last time, and then we look at the more complex usage of derive in the Poison.Encoder library.

Swoosh 0.14 is out!

This version brings a couple of minor features and bug fixes: support for no_mx_lookups in the SMTP adapter, template alias for the Postmark adapter, metadata for Mandrill, and more. Check the changelog for the full list.

Installation instructions.

Please give it a try and feel free to open an issue in the Swoosh repo if you run into any trouble.

Beefing Up our Bitcoin Node with Connection

This week I decided to beef up our in-progress Elixir-based Bitcoin node by swapping out the GenServer behavior with the more sophisticated Connection behavior. This lets us be much more nuanced in how we handle problems when connecting to peer nodes.

Check out the full article!

Elixir — quick reference for debugging techniques

Much has been said about Elixir debugging techniques, but in this post, I’d like to give a quick overview of all possible options to serve as a go-to reference when you need to debug Elixir code.

Going Multi-Node with Elixir

Last month ExVenture, a multiplayer text-based game server, went distributed . This is a blog post showing that journey and how simple it ended up being.