How to Create a Todo List with Phoenix LiveView

In my latest Phoenix LiveView tutorial we go over how to create a real-time updating todo list with Phoenix LiveView and Phoenix PubSub. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Git Book for Killer Elixir Tips

checkout new public GitBook for Killer Elixir Books

ElixirMix Podcast 048 - Introducing New Panelist: Michael Ries

In this episode of ElixirMix, we welcome Michael Ries as a new panelist on the podcast. We talk about adopting Elixir in organizations, Process.monitor, when to use OTP, Supervisor strategies, Nerves and much more!

Podcast Episode

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Why is it called an everything bagel?

Latest episode of elixiroutlaws: Discussions about talk preparation, hot code reloading, and how much OTP you really need.

Credo v1.0.5 released

I released v1.0.5 of Credo, the static code analysis tool emphasizing code consistency and teaching.

For details, please refer to the CHANGELOG.

Weddell: A streaming client for Google Pub/Sub

Weddell is a Google Pub/Sub client that can be used to publish and consume messages using Pub/Sub’s streaming API. Check it out!

A Credo check to ensure filename/module consistency

We just published CredoFilenameConsistency, a Credo check to make sure all Elixir files in a project are named according to the module they define.

We’ve been using it in several projects at Mirego and we found it quite helpful to spot small typos that might occur in either filenames or module names.

Following naming conventions and ensuring that they are enforced by Credo helps us maintain more predictable codebases and be more productive as developers.

Easy case insensitive text using Postgres' Citext extension

Stop worrying about case sensitivity for emails and usernames, and let Postgres handle it for you! I’ll show the surprisingly quick way to get it working with Phoenix and Ecto (and Rails as a bonus)

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Build a Phoenix App that supports user Uploads

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Build a Phoenix App that supports user Uploads

In this step-by-step tutorial, we see in depth how to build a Phoenix app from scratch, letting users upload their files using a multipart form.

We learn how to easily run PostgreSQL with Docker, to receive uploads using Plug, and how to use Ecto to store upload details into the database.

ElixirWeekly: The Elixir Community Newsletter, covering community news you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web, in one email every Thursday.

Raxx 1.0 released

Raxx is a toolkit to make web applications with Elixir simple. Today it reached the 1.0 milestone

Composing Ecto queries: filters and preloads

I have just published new blog post, where I demonstrate how to compose Ecto queries to preload associations and filter the data.

The philosophies of software languages, from Go to Elixir

There are more than 2,500 programming languages in existence today. Where do all these languages come from? Learn more about the fourth generation, from Go to Elixir.

ElixirMix Podcast 047 - Property Based Testing with PropEr and Fred Hebert

In this episode of ElixirMix, I talk with Fred Hebert about his new Property Based testing book using PropEr. We talk about getting started with Property Based Testing, the Elixir and Erlang communities, debugging tricky problems and much more!

Podcast Episode

Phoenix CSRF protection in HTML forms, React forms, and APIs

Let’s look on CSRF protection in Phoenix. Multi-part forms, React forms and APIs in general.

How to store username or email with case insensitive search using Ecto

A small post about case insensitive columns

Talking to the LiveView

Updating the Phoenix LiveViews from outside the process

Versioning v0.3.0 released!

The latest Versioning has added extensive support for Phoenix applications. Make your API future-proof by adding versioning support!

Features include:

  • An easy-to-use DSL for building a schema representing the changes across versions.
  • Simple integration with Phoenix controllers and views. Modify incoming params and outgoing data.
  • Support for multiple version types - from date to semantic. Or build your own.
  • Create a changelog based on the changes in your versioning schema.

Check it out:

Using Elixir to share data across graph databases

I just published a post today ‘Graph to graph with Elixir Moving data between semantic and property graphs’.

This post shows how we can use Elixir to move data between semantic and property graph databases, and back again. As well as the worked examples in the text, a small number of sample scripts are also provided.

Graph conversions are handled by applying simple wrapper functions over the neosemantics library from Jesús Barrasa. We also use the bolt_sips package from Florin Pătraşcu and the sparql_client package from Marcel Otto to interface respectively with Neo4j and RDF graph databases using Cypher and SPARQL, respectively.

Jeffrey Matthias from Community - Elixir in Production

We talk with Jeffrey Matthias from Community about their current and past Elixir projects and how they are deployed.

Interview: Jeremy Huffman, Dialyxir

This is my latest post for the Hashrocket blog, an interview with Jeremy Huffman, maintainer of Dialyxir.