Wanted!!! ISO 27001 Compliane

We are about to release Starter Edition with one basic functionality based on ISO 27001

Recursion, Tail Call Optimization and Recursion.

How Elixir uses recursions and tail call optimization


[ Elixir | Why Linked Lists? ]

I understood arrays and linked lists, but I had no idea how programming languages use them under the hood, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to learn why Elixir uses linked lists under the hood!


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Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Starter Edition Release

Aligning business operations and security can be solved easily with upcoming Starter Edition of Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager

Base64-encoded file uploads with Phoenix and Plug

Base64-encoded files may be a special case in your app, but with the help of Plug.Upload they can be handled as easily as regular files uploaded via HTML forms. https://szajbe.pl/elixir/2019/02/13/file-uploads-with-phoenix-and-plug.html

ElixirMix Podcast 038 - Slax and SAX Parsers with Ben Schmeckpeper

The panel talks with Ben Schmeckpeper about his SLAX library for SAX parsing in Elixir. We talk about stream processing large XML files, moving to containers, keeping the focus on company needs, and much more!

Podcast Episode

The Curious Case of BEAM CPU Usage

The Curious Case of BEAM CPU Usage

While benchmarking Go vs Elixir vs Node, we discovered that Elixir (running on the BEAM virtual machine) had much higher CPU usage than Go, and yet its responsiveness remained excellent. Some of our readers suggested that busy waiting may be responsible for this behavior.

Download Large Files with HTTPoison Async Requests

Download Large Files with HTTPoison Async Requests

In this article we see how some kind of HTTP requests/responses can lead to memory issues. We see then how to manage these cases using HTTPoison Async Requests to asynchronously download large files.

`Case2` → package to convert case with full Unicode support

Case2 is a drop-in replacement for Recase supporting Unicode Default Identifiers.

iex> Case2.to_snake "foo_barBaz-λambdaΛambda-привет-Мир"
#⇒ "foo_bar_baz_λambda_λambda_привет_мир"

iex> Case2.to_camel "foo_barBaz-λambdaΛambda-привет-Мир"
#⇒ "fooBarBazΛambdaΛambdaПриветМир"

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Structs from External Data

In the latest episode of ElixirCasts we look at ways to build structs from external data.


Using Elixir Dynamic Supervisors

In this post I show how I used a DynamicSupervisor to manage processes that are connected to a Phoenix Channel and keep them alive between page reloads.


Many to many relationships with Ecto

Need help handling many to many relationships with Ecto in Elixir? Check out this awesome article by @coletivstudio.

Benchee 0.14.0 – Micro Benchmarks? Pah, how about Nano Benchmarks!

A new version of your go to benchmarking library benchee has been released - the major feature is drastically increased precision when measuring: from microseconds to nanoseconds! There’s a blog post showing off the most important changes but you can also check out the Changelog.

Pyc → Structs on Steroids

Blog post, announcing Pyc package. It allows transparent validation across inserted data with Exvalibur, chaining functions in a monadic-like way, and exposes all the keys as local variables inside methods declared with defmethod (without compilation warnings.)


Using Raxx.View in Plug applications

Adding simple views to a plug application using Raxx.View.


Connecting Elixir Nodes with libcluster, locally and on Kubernetes

Connecting Elixir Nodes with libcluster, locally and on Kubernetes

In this video we are going to see how to cluster Elixir and Phoenix nodes with libcluster, locally and on Kubernetes using Docker containers.

A Comparison of Elixir Supervision Trees and React Component Trees


ElixirMix Podcast 037 - The Elixir Language Service with Mitchell Hanberg

In this episode of ElixirMix, the panel talks with Mitchell Hanberg about getting Elixir code completion and code insight using the VIM editor. We talk about the great projects Elixir LS and ALE that combine to make it all possible and much more!

Podcast Episode

How to Learn Elixir for Javascript Developers


Concepts like pattern matching (destructuring), functions as first-class citizens, and pipelines should be immediately recognizable to Javascript developers.

Raxx.Kit 0.9.0 - Project generator for lean web apps


Improvements to generated projects include:

  • updated project structure
  • latest middleware
  • cleaned up child specs
  • integration tests