API wrapper for Medium hits v0.2.0!

This new release supports OAuth methods and improves the codebase! feedback or suggestions are welcomed! https://github.com/roperzh/medium-sdk-elixir

Building and Deploying your first Phoenix Application

This is a beginner post on my experience deploying my first Phoenix app to Heroku, it is quite straightforward:

https:[email protected][email protected]4f

Coherence and ExAdmin - Devise and ActiveAdmin for Phoenix

This is for beginners. If you’re a Rails developer looking for a Devise and ActiveAdmin for Phoenix, this post might help:


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Phoenix GraphQL Tutorial with Absinthe: Authentication with Guardian

This is the third post in a series on building a GraphQL API in Phoenix with Absinthe. In this post I cover authentication with Guardian.


IntelliJ Elixir v4.7.0

  • Mix ExUnit Run Configurations with create from context for directories, files, and lines.
  • All mix Run Configurations get Working directory and Environment Variables support
  • Go To Test/Test Subject
  • Quick Fixes for common type spec typos
  • Fix all those StackOverflows and NPEs for getPresentation


Vessel: Elixir MapReduce with Hadoop integration


I wrote a small library which makes it straightforward to use Hadoop Streaming from inside Elixir. It also provides internal interfaces to use MapReduce from a command line or Elixir application.

Check out the blog post above which explains a bit about it, and then the repo lives here: https://github.com/zackehh/vessel

Tiny: a small and fast JSON library in Elixir


Tiny is a super tiny JSON library (~150 SLOC) which encode/decodes JSON per the specification. It is the only JSON library for Elixir to correctly pass all tests in JSONTestSuite.

It is also slightly faster than Poison due to stripping out some extras I never use. It was mostly written for my own use case, but feel free to use it!

Automatically reloading tests with Elixir Phoenix and ExUnit on Ubuntu

Reload your Elixir Phoenix tests automatically with this little piece of code on Ubuntu.

Happy Coding! :)


Elixir, Ruby, don’t fight. Talk… with Erlix

Another attempt to connect Elixir and Ruby together… This time with erlix. Ruby will act as an Erlang node!


ElixirWeekly: The Elixir Community Newsletter, covering community news you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web, in one email every Thursday.

Phoenix GraphQL Tutorial with Absinthe: Add CRUD Using Mutations

This is the second post in a series on building a GraphQL API in Phoenix with Absinthe. I cover using mutations to add CRUD functionality https://ryanswapp.com/2016/12/03/phoenix-graphql-tutorial-with-phoenix-add-crud-using-mutations/

hedwig_simple_responders - A collection of Hedwig chat bot responders based off of hubot-scripts

We recently moved from Hubot to Hedwig for our Slack bot at Lab Zero but we missed all the cheesy responders that have become a large part of our Slack culture. hedwig_simple_responders is our answer to that. We’ve already ported over a dozen responders and will be adding many more in the near future. For those interested in helping to port more, check out the labzero/hedwig_simple_reponders repo on GitHub.

Released: benchee 0.6.0, benchee_csv 0.5.0, benchee_json and benchee_html – HTML reports and nice graphs!

I just released new versions of my benchmarking library benchee, now supporting multiple inputs, along with benchee_csv, also introducing new formatters benchee_json and finally benchee_html to create nice HTML reports, with graphs that can also be exported as PNG images! And of course, there also is a blog post about all of it.

Training Elixir Processes To Learn Like Neurons

We show a working example of how an Elixir Agent can Learn to solve a simple classification problem on its own via Machine Learning. We make use of the Single Neuron Perceptron Network fully implemented in Elixir. http://www.automatingthefuture.com/blog/2016/11/30/training-elixir-processes-to-learn-like-neurons

New Router features in Plug 1.3

Plug v1.3.0 has just been released, and the Router has a great new feature. https://christopheradams.io/articles/2016/11/new-router-features-in-plug-1-3/

Belated ElixirConf 2016 Recap

After attending in Orlando this year, I finally got around to compiling our group’s notes into a blog post.


Sizeable: an Elixir library to make File Sizes human-readable

Wrote an Elixir library to make File Sizes human-readable. For example, it will turn the number 1284727 into a nice “1.23 MB”.

Find it at github.com/arvidkahl/sizeable or at hex.pm/packages/sizeable. Feature requests, feedback and pull requests are very welcome.

Phoenix GraphQL Tutorial with Absinthe

I decided to write up a couple tutorial posts for getting started with the Absinthe GraphQL library in Phoenix. This is the first one https://ryanswapp.com/2016/11/29/phoenix-graphql-tutorial-with-absinthe/

Introducción a Elixir y Phoenix desde la perspectiva de un programador Rails

I recently gave a talk in the city of La Plata about Elixir and Phoenix for Rails developers. I share with you the complete text of the talk in spanish with a link to the slides.

Recientemente dí una charla en la ciudad de La Plata acerca de Elixir y Phoenix para desarrolladores Rails. A continuación el texto completo con link a las diapositivas.


Project Blinkenlights: embedded Elixir on a Raspberry Pi

An Elixir Nerves powered Raspberry Pi which uses Raspberry’s GPIO to make a LED on a breadboard blink: http://www.carstenblock.org/post/project-blinkenlights/index.html

Playlist: Parse playlist files (M3U and PLS)