plymio_ast v0.2.0

New version of plymio_ast my package of utility functions for manipulating ASTs (Quoted Forms) now on Hex.

Sending notifications in Elixir with Ravenx

In this post team shows how they manage to dispatch notifications using multiple strategies in Elixir, making use of a library called Ravenx.

harnais v0.2.0

New version of harnais my testing harness now on Hex. Changelog has details.

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When to use processes in Elixir - Part 1: Storing state

In this series of articles, I try to sum up the major reasons to use processes instead of accessing your functions directly. The first post is about “Processes and State”.

[PL] Practical guards in Elixir by example

Practical usage of guards in Elxir. Example of refactoring from cond to guards. Post is in Polish, but automatic translation to EN and DE is available (not perfect, but exists).

GrovePi v0.3.0 released

Are you just getting into nerves and hardware development? The GrovePi makes starting up with sensors simple and easy without all the pesky soldering. This is the second release of the grovepi library and it is fully compatible with Nerves.

{:grovepi, “~> 0.3.0”}

Dry Test Setup with ExUnit.CaseTemplate

See how to use ExUnit.CaseTemplate to dry up your test setup in a real world example from GrovePi.

Dry Test Setup with ExUnit.CaseTemplate

benchee 0.7, benchee_html 0.2, benchee_json 0.2

The benchee family of projects for your benchmarking convenience saw some new releases yesterday. The biggest feature is that the benchee_html report is now properly split up. Other fixes include goodies like relaxing the Poison dependency as well as adjusting some outputs and parallel statistics generation.

IntelliJ Elixir v5.1.0

  • Graphical debugger with line breakpoints

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

4 Helpful Tips for Elixir Noobs

I’ve been writing Elixir for about 6 months now, and wanted to share some helpful commands and tips I’ve picked up while learning the language.

Peselx 0.2.1

New version od peselx package is now available in hex. We updated dependencies versions, elixir up to 1.4.

Learning Concurrency with Elixir Processes

I’m an Elixir newbie, who is learning concurrency-oriented programming with processes and OTP. If you new to Elixir and looking to make the jump from learning just the functional nature of the language to concurrent programming, I wrote this blog post that has the resources I’ve been using to fast track my learning of concurrency and OTP.

ExtRun 0.1.1

I struggled with starting external programs from Elixir when those programs needed to keep running after the BEAM was stopped. So this is my attempt to do this.

WebSockex 0.1.2

Version 0.1.2 of WebSockex was just released.

WebSockex is an Elixir WebSocket client that strives to implement the WebSocket protocol in a complete and easy to use way.

Alchemist.vim 2.7.0

Alchemist.vim is finally supporting multiline alias. There also some improvements and bug fixes in the new version

Introducing ReactPhoenix - a package to make rendering React.js in Phoenix easy

Every time I started a new Phoenix application, it took me quite a while to remember how to get everything set up in Phoenix in order to display a React component. Beyond that, most of the tutorials I found that dealt with React and Brunch (vs Webpack) only rendered a single component. I’m more interested in React sprinkles in my app and the global rendering on every page load wasn’t working for me. I saw a hole in the current offerings of packages dealing with Phoenix and React and I decided to fill it.

Who Needs Lodash When You Have Elixir?

As I get more comfortable with Elixir, I can’t help but compare it to other things I know. Elixir’s standard library outperforms and outclasses Javascript’s de facto standard library, Lodash.

Announcing PlugEtsCache v0.1.0

PlugEtsCache is a simple caching system based on Plug and ETS. It lets you to cache responses for a given amount of time, heavily boosting response times.

Take ownership of your data

For too long we’ve been using exclusively relational databases to put our data. Don’t let it model your data, but the other way around.

Library for handling binaries in Elixir

I was missing something like Elixir.String which operated on bytes instead of codepoints, so I wrote a tiny lib with a few handy functions, mostly wrappers for erlang’s :binary. Would love to get some feedback.