Lightweight dependency injection in Elixir (without the tears)

What are some lightweight ways to do dependency injection in Elixir that don’t require the ceremony overhead of a Behaviour? Join us as we explore four more ways to model our function interfaces for easy testability!

sparql_client 0.1.0

Released sparql_client - a SPARQL client for Elixir

Organize your functional code

When coming to a functional language, I often hear people ask, “How do I organize my code?” In this blog post, I take a look at some ways in which data structures and abstractions can tell us how to organize our modules and functions.

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Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Basic Auth and Cookie based sessions added to Raxx

The latest release of Raxx adds two new features.

  1. Protect an application use the Basic authentication scheme
  2. Keep session data for a user in signed cookies

Mix Build Utilities v3.0.0

Just released version 3.0.0 of Mix Build Utilities with automatic directory handling. I wrote MBU to help with using Mix for build tasks, for example for building your frontend. It supports task deps, watching, and now automatic output directories for temporary build artifacts.

passwordless_auth v0.1.0

Released passwordless_auth - a library for simple passwordless login or 2-factor / multi-factor auth via text message

plug_checkup v0.4.0

Released new version of plug_checkup with time formatting and catching exit and throw values

Identity and Access Management System

I want to share in a project we are working on. Still in active development but I would like to have your feedbacks before I gets ready for pushing to Hex.

A OTP app for handling the security system of your platform.


  • Policies: you have a built in AWS Policies mechanism (it doesn’t use anything from AWS, it is built in). This will allow you to have a really robust mechanism for checking permissions.

  • Authentication: we use Guardian for authentication, so basically you will have the tools needed for plug the authentication in your Plug/Absinthe or any other OTP app.

  • Authorization: using the built in policies you will have the tools for checking the authorization of your platform

Working on it

We want to finish the list from this issue Probably it ill no happen right way for every single bullet point but that is what we are aiming for.

Any suggestion, idea, contributions of any kind will be appreciated.

I hope this will resolve some issues for your applications right now.

Elixir Pipeline Operators

A small writing on what operators can be used in Elixir for pipelining and how.

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Detect gender by first name

Simple API written in Elixir to detect gender by first name


Benchmarking ets tables vs. Gen Servers

I’ve heard so many people say “ets tables are super fast” without numbers to back it up, but now I can prove it!

Q&A: Configuring your editor, plugins and code formatter (Elixir 1.6)

A mysterious viewer asked about Elixir tooling in VS Code in the optional comment section of our content and features requests survey and left no way to respond… short of recording this video.

Also at the end of the video is a sneak peek at the new Alchemist Camp website!

Bungee (Elasticsearch Client) 1.0.0-alpha2 Released

Translated E-Mails and Account Verification with Phoenix and Swoosh (Auth Part 4)

After having gone through writing an auth token library and the first steps towards protecting our API with an auth process, this time we’ll take a look at verifying accounts.

We’re adding an old but proven technique in the world of technology: emails! This will lead us to choosing an e-mail library, integrating it with Phoenix templates and translating those with Gettext.

Server side event tracking with

Let’s set up some event tracking on Alchemist.Camp with! This video has 3 parts:

1) What to track (the 5 most important user actions) 2) The tools (Keenex, Geolix, UAInspector) 3) Coding it!

just released erlang-rocksdb 0.16.0 a binding of rocksdb for #Erlang applications.

Just released erlang-rocksdb 0.16.0 a binding of rocksdb for #Erlang applications.

It now support rocksdb 5.10.4 and added some new features. Changelog is there: … Enjoy !

Top Open Source Frameworks in Elixir

Best Elixir frameworks to create applications for web, APIs, bots, command-line scripts, dashboards, etc. The list includes Phoenix, Nerves, Sugar, Hedwig and many more.


[VIDEO] Fault tolerance and fault recovery . The video includes process monitoring a bit beyond the Supervisor. Also, if anyone would like to start a delivery company, this has you covered

Aadya-CoAP IoT Framework

Aadya Release

We are pleased to release Aadya-beta . The CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) framework build on top of Elixir and Erlang ecosystem. CoAP is a binary protocol intended for IoT devices for lower payload.

Aadya is pretty similar to MVC style frameworks like Phoenix or ROR.

We took our time to release this framework. We took care of building an ecosystem around Aadya framework from logging to debugging using existing tools.

Elixir 1.6.3 Supports Comments in the middle of pipelines, when and | expressions


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