Image Extraction for Cameras

I have built a tool for my company to extract images for a camera. While using HTTPoison, Quantum, DropBox, Mailgun

Visualisation of Elixir Supervision Tree Strategies

Elixir has built in four strategies for supervision trees to enable fault tolerant systems. The names of strategies are :one_for_one, :one_for_all, :rest_for_one, :simple_one_for_one. Enjoy the visualisations…

https:[email protected][email protected]

Mocks in Elixir

For a long time I haven’t been able to figure out “the way”(tm) to do mocks in Elixir.

I have explored different suggested patterns and found the one I prefer.

I wrote a blog post about it here: https:[email protected]/mocks-in-elixir-7204f8cc9d0f#.3k5oolwkg

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Cloud Foundry buildpack for Elixir supports anynines

I’ve released a new version of the Cloud Foundry buildpack for Elixir. It works now with anynines.

Furthermore, Elixir 1.3.x and Erlang 19.x are supported.

My new Elixir library for sending Postmark emails from templates #myelixirstatus

ex_postmark is a Postmark adapter for sending template emails.

You can create HTML & CSS templates in Postmark panel and then fill them in your Elixir code.

Simple Fun Slack Bot in Elixir

ex_mustang is a simple slackbot with few simple abilities like random quote, open PR watching and standup notifier.

I have bunch of issues created so I will eventually work on them or can get some community help.

Gatling uses Distillery for Elixir Releases

I just released part 3 of my little blog series about Gatling.

Multiplayer Music Loops in Elixir and Elm

Loops With Friends is an Elixir/Elm app that allows users to play music loops collaboratively.

I wrote three blog posts on how I built and tested the backend in Elixir.

Google Play API in Elixir

ExPlay is a Google Play API in Elixir (ported from the Node.js version). For now, it let’s you look up details of any published Play Store app and download its APK.

Check it out on Github

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Sneeze: render Elixir data-structures to HTML

Sneeze: render Elixir data-structures to HTML.

Inspired by the Clojure library, hiccup

Swoosh 0.5.0 released

No major feature in that version but there was a couple of improvements across the board. Here are a few highlights:

  • The Postmark adapter now supports server-side templates.
  • The Mailgun adapter now supports attaching arbitrary data to emails (custom vars).
  • gen_stmp is now an optional dependency.
  • and more… Check out the changelog for more details.

DevOps KPIs with Elixir and Geckoboard

We built an elixir library to interact with Geckoboard’s new Datasets API. See our code or read about it on our blog

Reactive Tweets with Elixir GenStage

Updating Twittex to consume data from Twitter’s streaming API using Elixir GenStage.

Focusing on José Valim: A Biographical Interview

José Valim is the creator of the Elixir programming language. Austin Erlang is taking a deeper look into José’s life to quantify the tenets of successful programming and living a rich and rewarding life.

Test driving a Phoenix endpoint, Part I

I have been building a Phoenix REST API, and I wrote about the TDD process I use.

This is Part I, which focuses on separation of concerns to create reusable modules that can be used in any context, not just from the controller.

https:[email protected]/test-driving-a-phoenix-endpoint-part-i-b53e300c1a0a

ExHN: Streaming Hacker News API client

Getting started with Jenkins CI

Ever wanted to get started with a Jenkins CI server? Check my latest blog post for the first steps..

In the next few posts about Jenkins, we’ll be working our way up to running tests for Elixir apps, looking at Distillery, doing deployments to standalone servers, as well as playing around with some more advanced Jenkins features like build pipelines.

Primeros pasos con Elixir

Un post dando una vista rápida para empezar a aprender Elixir, en Español.

OK 0.2.0 released - Elegant error handling for elixir pipelines.

The latest version of OK has recently been released.

OK makes use of the :ok tuple convention used in many erlang and elixir libraries. It provides a result pipe macro which supports early returns in the case of errors.

OK 0.2.0 upgrades the result pipe so it’s semantics match the the native pipe operator familiar to Elixir developers.

Benchee 0.5.0 released – unit scaling for your convenience (+ graph sneak peak)!

Today benchee has seen it’s 0.5.0 release - the details are in the Changelog while a more high level view + sneak peak of html formatter and graphs resides on my blog.

In general, benchee now scales units e.g. instead of reporting a gazillion microseconds it might report milliseconds or seconds and instead of 5 something million written out it will report 5.xx M(illion). Hope you enjoy this release!