Mix Task Creation in Elixir Project

Article on how to create mix tasks in elixir projects.


  1. Live demo
  2. Explanation with screenshots

https:[email protected]/mix-task-creation-in-elixir-project-d89e49267fe3#.49cfru6ql

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Decorating Elixir

Acutar.io blog post about how they dealed with previously calculated model fields by creating Decoratex, a library that allows to easily decorate virtual fields in Ecto models. https://medium.com/acutario/decorating-elixir-af08bd46b2fc

Domainatrex: properly parse TLDs/Domains in Elixir

Domainatrex is a TLD parsing library for Elixir, using the Public Suffix list :)


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10 Killer Elixir Tips #2

Thanks for the great response for #1.

Here is another 10 Killer Elixir Tips #2
Happy Coding !!


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Flowex 0.2.0 with 'cast' and 'error_pipe'

My talk Flowex - Flow-Based Programming with Elixir GenStage on Elixir Club 5 meetup and following discussions lead me to some significant improvements of the project.

A cast function was added to run calculation asynchronously. And an error handling mechanism was added. Since “0.2.0” each pipeline has error_pipe - separate GenStage for handling errors.

More details here: https://github.com/antonmi/flowex

Railway Oriented Programming in Elixir with Pattern Matching on Function Level and Pipelining

Coding seems cool without error checks, does not it? When if/else checks effect the next execution behaviors, then the code becomes a mess. Luckily, there is a pattern called ‘Railway Oriented Programming’ for error handling.

https:[email protected][email protected]function-level-and-pipelining-e53972cede98

A different approach to elixir test doubles

A proof of concept of a different approach to testing modules in isolation.


Create an Elixir web app using Cowboy

This post describes in detail the process of setting up Cowboy server to display a Hello World message.


Calculate Execution Time of Your Functions

Like with Ruby lang, the Elixir allows you to code magic without pain. Sometimes, you might need to run a snippet of code before and after execution of a block of code on several function calls. For instance, you need to measure the time elapsed in a function call or multiple function calls.

https:[email protected]/implement-a-basic-block-yield-with-elixir-d00f313831f7

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Enjoyable XML parsing with Elixir and SweetXml - Elixir Hex package showcase


SweetXml is an awesome hex package which makes parsing xml enjoyable :) Don’t beleive that anything to do with XML can be enjoyable? Checkout https://github.com/awetzel/sweet_xml

Source code of demo can be found at: https://github.com/rawcodehq/sweet_xml_hex_package_showcase

Fast Import and Export with Elixir and Postgrex - Elixir Hex package showcase


Watch us cut the import time from 4 minutes to 1 minute to 1 second and then back to 1.7 seconds :)Watch us cut the import time from 4 minutes to 1 minute to 1 second and then back to 1.7 seconds :)

Building & Publishing Elixir Package from scratch.

This video is about the step by step guide to build packages with clear explanation of package files and registration procees to hex.pm


Highlights of Video:

  1. Each File Explanation
  2. Auto Documentation
  3. User Registration - https://hex.pm
  4. Build and Publishing.

Code School's Free 'Try Elixir' Course

Begin learning the basics of Elixir and take your first steps into the world of functional programming.


Deep Learning with Elixir Step by Step

We create a Multi-Layered Neural Network with Elixir called Deepnet and then we show how it can be trained to reach a goal. http://tinyurl.com/jkgy3za

Write your own Sigils - Elixir

Sigils looks simple but they are powerful when you used them perfectly. Lets create our own Sigils…..

https:[email protected]/write-your-own-sigils-elixir-ce648f531211#.r59adavd8

sigil image

sigil image

End-to-end Testing in Elixir with Hound

Hound is an Elixir library for browser automation. This tutorial will show you how to use it for web scraping and end-to-end testing Phoenix applications.


The story of Conn in the world of Phoenix

A detailed study of Phoenix request-response cycle:


Throttle / Debounce your tasks / operations, group them together!


  • group notifications to be sent in one email

    • cancel the previously queued email if another event happens within a short period (type: debounce / throttle)
  • make heavy operations happen less often, i.e. refresh some global statistics

    • allow only 1 operation per certain period (type: throttle)
  • protect some write api

    • additonally you can choose to use the first value in a period (keep: first)
    • or the last value in the period (keep: last)

Designed to work both on a single node and across nodes in a cluster

Checkout the repo README and the docs for more information

harnais - A harness for testing Elixir code

I’ve just published to Hex the first version of harnais.

harnais is a package to help write concise and convenient tests, without lots of the boilerplate.

Parsing Markdown with Earmark - ElixirCasts.io

Check out our latest episode where we parse some Markdown with Earmark: https://elixircasts.io/parsing-markdown-in-elixir-with-earmark