ExEnum - Enumerated type management package inspired by ActiveHash::Enum.

ExEnum is an enumerated type management package supporting Gettext, inspired by ActiveHash::Enum.



defmodule MyApp.Status do
  use ExEnum
  row id: 0, type: :invalid, text: "invalid"
  row id: 1, type: :valid, text: "valid"
  accessor :type

You can use helper functions like below:

# index.html.eex
<td><%= Status.get(user.status).text %></td>

# form.html.eex
<%= select f, :status, Status.select([:text, :id]), class: "form-control" %>

# show.html.eex
<%= Status.get(@user.status).text %>

Introducing Twilex, now you can send SMS/MMS with Elixir and Twilio

Elixir Twilio client, send SMS/MMS in elixir. You can check it out on github or hex

Introducing Xlsxir, an Elixir Parser for .xlsx Files

Xlsxir parses data to an ETS table and provides various functions for accessing the data. You can check it out on hex or github.

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Beyond Functional Programming with Elixir and Erlang

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Installing Font Awesome from NPM in Phoenix

It’s easy to add Font Awesome, a free icon webfont, to Phoenix project using nothing but Brunch to do so.

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MediaSample - sample phoenix project to develop curation media, news media, etc.

MediaSample is a sample Phoenix project for developers interested in developing curation media, news media, blog, etc. This project is featuring many basic and general topics.

  • authentication/authorization
  • social login
  • internationalization
  • master/slave access to database
  • many to many relationship
  • pagination
  • image file upload to S3
  • send email via SES
  • sitemap and RSS
  • Facebook OGP and Twitter Cards
  • full text search(Elasticsearch)


Using Ecto For Formula 1 Standings

Learn about composing Ecto Queries by generating a Formula 1 Driver’s Championship standings table with a single trip to the database. The final query will include multiple joins and wheres, and will demonstrate select, group_by, and order_by as well.


Introducing Dayron - The Elixir REST client you ever wanted

Dayron is a flexible library to interact with RESTful APIs and map resources to Elixir data structures. It works similar of Ecto.Repo but, instead of retrieving data from a database, it has underlying http clients to retrieve data from external HTTP servers.


Satisfying TDD using Elixir and Dialyzer

Experiment in using Dialyzer to guide a TDD workflow for the Roman Numerals Kata.


Family Ties Part 5 discusses exception handling in Erlang and Elixir

Posted the fifth of a continuing series of articles on similarities and differences between Erlang and Elixir. This article covers exception handling in the two languages, demonstrating how closely they’re aligned.


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Phoenix + React: love story. RePh 2.

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Elixir mix tasks for zsh auto completion, contains the latest Phonenix 1.1.4 tasks.

Learn about Elixir, the exotic concurrent language which may take over the world in a few years

First impressions, feature summary and many resources to get started.


Recursively iterating in the wild with Elixir

Here is the quick blog post on recursion in Elixir and when to use it:


Building Phoenix Battleship (pt. 3)

The third part of the Building Phoenix Battleship series where I cover the game setup phase, including joining a game and creating player boards.


Merkle Trees in Elixir

The Merkle hash tree is an incredibly useful data structure used in a wide range of modern applications. Merkle trees are used in the IPFS file system, BitTorrent protocol, Git, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of NoSQL systems like Apache Cassandra and Riak.

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Eikōn v0.0.2 ~ An Elixir image parsing library

Today has been released Eikōn v0.0.2, an image parsing library that provides a read-only interface. PNG and GIF files are now supported !

You can find it on GitHub and Hex.

ElixirConfEU 2016 videos have started going up on Youtube

As the title really, thanks to the Erlang Solutions channel.

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Simple Markov Chains using Elixir

As a toy project to learn Elixir, I ported a Markov Chain written in Ruby to Elixir.

It generates funny tweets, like:

iex(1)> ExChain.create_filtered_sentence
{:ok, "I'm not a Food Social Network?", 0.4668037713169559, 4}
iex(2)> ExChain.create_filtered_sentence
{:ok, "I am in churros.", 0.30839889769910056, 2}

Suggestions are welcome.

The source code and instructions on how to use it are on github.com/eljojo/ex_chain