How to connect and debug Elixir or Phoenix App at Heroku?

Heroku has a great feature called heroku ps:exec which allows you to connect to running nodes. You can use this command to connect your elixir nodes easily. And debug your nodes like in your network.

TIL: to check ExUnit documentation on iex, run ExUnit.start()

Since it’s not started in MIX_ENV=dev :)

IntelliJ Elixir v6.3.0

  • mix credo annotator
  • Fix mix test in IDEs that don’t support Elixir SDK as Project SDK (Rubymine, PHPStorm, etc)
  • Add explanation of differences between Rich IDEs (that support Elixir SDK as project SDK) and Small IDEs (that must use the IDE’s language SDK) in README and how setup differs.

Installation Instructions

ElixirWeekly: The Elixir Community Newsletter, covering community news you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web, in one email every Thursday.

Implementing a notifications system in Elixir using Protocols

Etherscan - A library for the ethereum block explorer

A little side project of mine. Feedback appreciated!

SpawnFest is back!

Hey #erlang, #elixir, #lfe, #efene and other #beam developers!

SpawnFest is back!

For those who don’t know, SpawnFest is an annual 48 hour development competition in which teams of skilled developers get exactly one weekend to create the best Beam applications they can.

We’ll soon announce the date but at this time we’re looking for sponsors. So, send us a message if you or your company are interested in sponsoring the event…

…and start building a team if you want to participate! :)

Choosing Elixir for Shedul’s tomorrow

Here’s the story of complex process of researching, evaluating, choosing and introducing Elixir to cozy yet shrinking world of complex Rails monolith at Shedul - a global salon booking system.

Read more on Shedul Tech Blog.

5 productivity tips for Elixir programming

I wrote a blog post about productivity tips for Elixir. It’s a round-up of techniques I’ve discovered while working on my first few Elixir projects.

Please check it out and lemme know what you think!

Rapport - Build HTML Reports in Elixir

Rapport aims to provide a robust set of modules to generate HTML reports that both looks good in the browser and when being printed.

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Exciting story of dynamic code generation

Exciting story of dynamic code generation implementing wrapper for Ethereum’s JSON RPC API.

hackney an HTTP client for Erlang/OTP version 1.10.0 is out

fixing a lot of issues : Enjoy!

ElixirLangMoscow #6

Tomorrow we are hosting our 6th Elixir meetup in Moscow. You can register here: As usual, there will be recorded videos and video-translation.

Erlang Behaviors… and how to behave around them (2/2)

The promised 2nd post on this series is published

ets vs redis benchmarks for a simple key value store

ets vs redis benchmarks for a simple key value store

Raxx 1.0-rc.0 released

Raxx is an interface for HTTP(1 & 2) that relies on a pure message passing model, it supports streaming to/from the server. See the README.

The first release candidate for 1.0 is out, a discussion is available on the forum.

AlloyCI v0.2.0

Version 0.2.0 of AlloyCI has been released. Notice: Breaking changes to configuration files!

Built with Elixir

I released a small web site GitStat built with Elixir 1.5. The site provides statistics on how many repositories are contained in GitHub per a programming language. The statistics data stored in DETS and is being updated from GitHub on daily basis using new GraphQL Api v4. The site hosted on

A Secret Tip to find Beam file path of Elixir Module

ABNF Grammars in Elixir

ABNF grammars are widely used in the Internet today. They serve as the basic building blocks for a lot of highly used protocols, like HTTP, SIP, SMTP, FTP, etc. And they are also very useful to design DSLs (Domain Specific Languages).

In this article we’ll learn how to use a tool called ex_abnf to quickly create grammar parsers using the Elixir language.

Read more

IntelliJ Elixir 6.2.0

  • Elixir SDK now has an Internal Erlang SDK, so you can configure where the OTP Code Paths and erl (or erl.exe) binaries are that Elixir should use. Allows the use of different package managers for installing Erlang and Elixir.
  • Elixir SDK Class Paths tab now tracks the Code Paths passed to -pa, so you can experiment with partial updates using only some of the updated OTP app in the release notes for OTP.
  • Because the Code Paths for the Erlang SDK are available, they can be decompiled and index, which means that Go To Definition, Search and Completion works for all of OTP now!
  • Auto-test (watch/guard) button to re-run Mix ExUnit Run Configuration when code changes.
  • Decompiler will automatically detect compressed .beam files and decompress in memory before reading the chunks to decompile.

Installation Instructions