Elixir, Phoenix, CSRF tokens and gloomy foreteller

Mateusz wrote a blog post which explains CSRF protection in Phoenix.

elasticsearch-elixir v0.3.0

The :elasticsearch package now has better support for Elasticsearch 6.x+. Read more in the Upgrading Guide.

Ace 0.16.1 adding connection info to request handlers


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Bubblescript - beyond the DSL

Blog post explaining how Botsquad.com’s interpreted DSL for writing conversational apps and chatbots works, from an Elixir point of view.


Asynchronicity in Elixir - Best effort vs. Guaranteed execution

Talking about pragmatic approaches to asynchronicity in Elixir and introducing Rihanna, a brand new database-backed job queue.


elasticsearch-elixir v0.2.0

New release supports connecting to multiple Elasticsearch clusters in a single OTP app or umbrella.

Release Notes
Upgrading Guide

Accent - Developer-oriented translation tool built with Elixir

We open-sourced a tool we use to manage translations in web applications, iOS app and Android apps. The app is built with GraphQL, Absinthe, Ember.JS and Apollo.


Bitcoin Mnemonic Phrase in Elixir

How to backup and recover a Bitcoin wallet using Elixir?


Resizing Images In Elixir with Mogrify

Learn how to resize image in Elixir using Mogrify

ElixirWeekly: The Elixir Community Newsletter, covering community news you easily miss, shared on ElixirStatus and the web, in one email every Thursday.

Benchee 0.13.0 with memeory measurements is live!

A couple of days ago benchee 0.13.0 was released - the most prominent feature is memory measurements. Go ahead and give them a try!

Weave 4.0.0 released, config loader for 12-factor Elixir apps, supporting inline conf for umbrella apps


Errol: Opinionated RabbitMQ consumer framework


I just published errol, an Elixir library to write and run RabbitMQ consumers in an OTP manner.

It’s not production ready yet, so any feedback is welcome! You can find the roadmap in the readme :)

New podcast: The Elixir Outlaws

Anna Neyzberg, Amos King and I have started a new Elixir podcast. If you would like to have a listen you can find us at http://elixiroutlaws.com. We are pending approval on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. We are also on twitter as @ElixirOutlaws and would love your feedback.

Measuring memory consumption on the BEAM

Benchee 0.13 was released this weekend, and in that release there’s one feature that I’m SUPER excited about. Starting with this release, you can now benchmark memory usage in Elixir or Erlang functions! Because after all, performance isn’t just about run time. Memory consumption counts, too!


An event driven messenger chatbot library

The event-driven approach makes easy to deliver business needs with subscribing necessary events and processing them without changing other parts of your code base.

Since Facebook Messenger Platform sends webhook and expects an HTTP 200 response code in the majority of webhooks, messenger_bot library allows you to subscribe webhook events and process these events in multiple consumers separately.

Here is the library source code: https://github.com/mustafaturan/messenger_bot

Organize and serve page specific javascript in Phoenix

For Phoenix project with hundred of page, of which have many javascript functions for each page, here is my approach to manage all of them automatically


Leibniz: Math expression parser and evaluator

Leibniz: Pure elixir math expression parser and evaluator. This project is also an entry point to some explorations on how leex and yecc can be used inside an elixir application to parse complex inputs to be able to build complex programs.

Page specific titles, meta and rel canonical tags in Phoenix

This episode, covers how to set page titles, page-specific meta information, page-specific rel canonical tags and page-specific anything you want in the HEAD tag of each page in your Phoenix app.

It’s not as simple to do as it is in Rails, but it’s absolutely crucial functionality if you’re building a CMS!

Alchemist Camp

geo 3.0.0 and geo_postgis 2.0.0

geo has been updated to 3.0.0

geo_postgis has been updated to 2.0.0

BuiltWithElixir.com is looking for your help

Hi Elixir fans,

I’ve been working on a website to showcase projects made with Elixir. The goal is this site is to show the types of projects being build with the Elixir language. Right now I have to follow various source to get this information so I decided to build a website to collect all of this. I want this site to inspire new and experienced Elixir developers and overall grow the community.

The site is still in early stages, I started it on Monday (April 9th), so I’m looking for feedback, feature requests, and just overall UI/UX improvements. I lunched the site early for several reasons:

  1. I want this project to be shaped by the community by your feedback and feature requests. Example, If we all agree likes/upvotes are useful then let’s build them.
  2. I didn’t want to build something with assumptions for months with features no one uses.
  3. I want to encourage other Elixir developers to contribute regardless of experience.

I encourage you to check out builtwithelixir.com. and provide any feedback here or Github.

Thank you!!