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Dealing with legacy databases in Ecto

In this post I share some of my experiences dealing with legacy databases in Ecto. It’s surprisingly simple with a few gotchas here and there.


Leverage Swoosh + EEx to send plain-text emails

Sending HTML emails with Swoosh is easy. This post shows you how to leverage swoosh+EEx to send a plain-text body along with your HTML mail.


Baltimore Elixir and Erlang meetup

The second Baltimore Elixir and Erlang meetup is Wednesday, March 29.

Our scheduled talks are on Joe Armstrong’s A History of Erlang, and adding authentication to Phoenix applications.

We’d love to see some new faces!


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Elixir/Phoenix Mix Tip #1: mix deps.unlock

Here comes the first in a series of blog posts on using Mix with your Elixir project.

We kick off with using Mix to update individual Elixir libraries. Of particular interest if you use the excellent tzdata library for handling timezones in your Phoenix app.


Credo v0.7.1 released

I released v0.7.0 (and shortly thereafter v0.7.1) of Credo, the static code analysis tool emphasizing code consistency and teaching.

Released text_delta - Operational Transformation library based on Quill.js

Elixir counter-part for the Quill.js Delta library. It provides a baseline for Operational Transformation of rich text.

Deltas are a simple, yet expressive format that can be used to describe contents and changes. The format is JSON based, and is human readable, yet easily parsible by machines. Deltas can describe any rich text document, includes all text and formatting information, without the ambiguity and complexity of HTML.

To Hell and Back: Why choosing Elixir to build a startup was both a terrible and an awesome decision

Building a chatbot and an e-commerce startup with 30k+ lines of Elixir and Phoenix code and almost redoing from scratch a few times. Microservices and distribution done wrong, getting saved by a small bunny, reaching 178 million messages/day in a 8GB machine.

Slides from my Elixir User Group SP presentation on 18/mar/17.


Scribe v0.4.0 Released

View tables of structs directly from IEx— now with pagination! Great for Ecto queries and other large collections.


Small data with Elixir

On this blog post, José Valim explains what small data is, and why it matters. There is also a brief description of the Flow tool for data computations and data partioning and windowing.

Small data with Elixir « Plataformatec Blog

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Understanding Elixir Pattern Matching

Let’s understand what is Pattern Matching in Elixir and how it makes code more efficient and more readable.


Elixir Deep Dive: Evercam, a 10K LOC Phoenix app

ConCache, HTTPoison, Quantum, Supervisors, and more: a dive into interesting patterns used in evercam-server, an open-source Phoenix app.

Common Pitfalls in Elixir coding...

A blog post on Common Elixir coding pitfalls. I just want to share and save newbies falling into these pits.

https:[email protected]/common-pitfalls-in-elixir-coding-a9f8a5db2877#.y1krr9x7q



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Happy Coding…

Logger statsd backend to show errors on graphite/grafana.


Can be used to monitor logs when deploying new version, log level is configurable.

Logs are buffered before sending to statsd.

4th Elixir Lang Moscow meetup

We are hosting 4th Elixir meetup in Moscow, Russia. Come join us: http://elixir-lang.moscow/

Phoenix and Elm, a real use case (pt. 5)

Here is part 5 of my Phoenix and Elm series. In this part, we cover implementing Elm routes and adding the show contact route in both the Phoenix API and the Elm frontend.


Setting up a Phoenix application with Webpack 2 and Bootstrap 4

Introduction to creating a Phoenix app with a highly customizable bootstrap theme.

https:[email protected][email protected]9e02d3c0834b#.46miq7h9g

Repo https://github.com/awestbro/phoenix-webpack-bootstrap-starter

DiffList: Difference lists in Elixir


Export data to XLSX with Phoenix 1.2

A little post about how to export data to XLSX in Phoenix application: https:[email protected][email protected]

Polymorphism in Elixir

Elixir language has ‘protocols’ to implement polymorphism: https:[email protected]/polymorphism-in-elixir-cd0c765b6929#.xwzdtv5xp @mustafaturan

How I learned Elixir

It is not a question.

This is all about How I level up in Elixir.

https:[email protected]/how-i-learned-elixir-6073291aa44e#.ifccw5f7n


Love to hear your story.

Happy Coding …