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User Authentication in Phoenix

In this episode we add basic user authentication to an existing Phoenix app.


A gRPC based Elixir client for the Dgraph graph database

ExDgraph is a gRPC based client for the Dgraph graph database. It uses the DBConnection behaviour to support transactions and connection pooling via Poolboy.


Twitter Emoji Map

Twitter Emoji Map built with Elixir’s GenStage and Angular. A simple map that shows all geotagged tweets worldwide and in real-time that contain an emoji. It is really fast. Try for yourself by tweeting anything with an emoji and a location and see the tweet pop up on the map in milliseconds. Read more in my blog post

Demo: http://emojimap.ospaarmann.com/

Code: https://github.com/ospaarmann/ex-emoji-map

Emoji map preview

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ExVenture Updates for April 2018

This month ExVenture, a text based multiplayer game server, started going distributed! There were a few other game updates but the biggest news is being able to use distributed Erlang clustering for load balancing.


Connecting an Elixir Node to the Bitcoin Network

The first step in participating in Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network is connecting to your first peer node. Check out how we can use Erlang’s :gen_tcp to connect to a node, and send hand-crafted packets to kick off communication.

Generating a Bitcoin Wallet seed in Elixir

How to derive HD Wallet Seed from a mnemonic in Elixir?


A Beautiful Love between Elixir & Programmer — love-letter.

A tribute to Elixir Programming language, in the form of a love letter, expressing ones love with Elixir.

Article Image Just expressed love for programming in Elixir.

Take a Moment and share your Experience as an Elixir Developer.

Hammer v4.0.0

Hammer is a rate-limiter with pluggable backends.

Version 4.0.0 introduces a new worker-pool implementation for backends:


Thoughtful Logging in Elixir: A Phoenix Story

The choices you make at foundational points of your architecture can have massive implications down the road for your Elixir applications. By taking an informed approach to logging, you can set yourself up for success.


Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Migration script supports migrate/rollback/seed when releasing Phoenix/OTP app by Distillery

Writing a migration script to run migrate/rollback/seed when releasing Phoenix/OTP app by Distillery


ModestEx - First major release v1.0.0

ModestEx - Pipeable transformations on html strings (with CSS selectors), e.g. find(), prepend(), append(), replace(), remove(), insert_after(), insert_before(), etc.

Raxx.Kit micro framework for web applications, 0.4.3 released.

Get started in seconds with Elixir web applications using Raxx.

Generated project includes a lightweight web layer and automatic recompilation. Options include support for bundling JavaScript and using Docker.

plymio_codi v0.1.0

Last one from me this week is first release of plymio_codi. Codi is a tool for building and compiling quoted forms for common code patterns. Think: bang functions, delegations. For example create bang functions for one or more functions in a module.

plymio_funcio v0.1.0

Another new package plymio_funcio. Lots of utility functions, especially for enumerables - including mapping elements concurrently in separate tasks.

plymio_fontais v0.1.1

First release of plymio_fontais this week. It was written as a support package for the Plymio and Harnais package families but all the functions are general purpose.

Encoding Ecto structs into JSON

Today’s episode covers one simple problem—how to encode Ecto structs into JSON.

There are a few ways to do it, but using @derive in the struct’s definition to implement the Poison.Encoder protocol is the cleanest way.

Elixir, Phoenix, CSRF tokens and gloomy foreteller

Mateusz wrote a blog post which explains CSRF protection in Phoenix.

elasticsearch-elixir v0.3.0

The :elasticsearch package now has better support for Elasticsearch 6.x+. Read more in the Upgrading Guide.

Ace 0.16.1 adding connection info to request handlers


Bubblescript - beyond the DSL

Blog post explaining how Botsquad.com’s interpreted DSL for writing conversational apps and chatbots works, from an Elixir point of view.