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IntelliJ Elixir v7.1.0


  • Elixir Facet in Small IDEs

    • Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > Elixir can set the Elixir Facet SDK for the Project Module used in Small IDEs as a per-project settings.
    • Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > Elixir> SDKs can add, delete, and configure Elixir SDKs as per-application settings.
    • Preferences > Languages * Frameworks > Elixir > Internal SDKs can add, delete, and configure Erlang SDK for Elixir SDKs as per-application settings.
  • Configure SDK before running mix when importing mix projects, so that the mix path does not need to be configured separately from the SDK path.

    • The mix path no longer needs to be setup independently from the Elixir SDK.
  • Add Local shared credo inspection, so the the credo inspection works for Code > Code Cleanup.
  • Show Mix ExUnit in context menu in Elixir Facets, so that

    • Run ‘Mix ExUnit …’
    • Debug ‘Mix ExUnit …’
    • “Create “Mix ExUnit …’”

    appear in Rubymine when you right-click the test directory and it is Marked as a Test Sources Root. It will appear green in Rubymine if already marked. To mark it, do the following:

    1. Right-Click test directory
    2. Select “Mark Directory as > Test Sources Root”

Bug Fixes

  • Protect access to JavadocOrderRootType.getInstance() so that it doesn’t cause an error in Small IDEs where its Extension Point is not defined.
  • If the explanation tooltip is empty, fallback to the message for the credo annotator instead.
  • Check if SdkAdditionalData is null before getting ErlangSDK as it can be null in certain scenarios in Rubymine.
  • Fix isConfigurationFromContext, so that it works on Mix ExUnit Run Configurations generated from directories. Check if the programParameters and workingDirectory match by just generating another configuration from the context as this ensures the logic matches and includes support for PsiDirectory.

Installation Instructions

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