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Useful modules for any react-native application (ios/android)

Mobile app is growing at rapid pace so as it’s development frameworks. React native one of the such mobile app development frameworks which is growing at rapid pace because of it’s simplicity in development and having same syntax as in React.

React native is also a better option for mobile development because it supports npm modules natively and once you use react native, you will find most of modules from npm registry.

We as a solution provider have used react native extensively in many of our projects and during the time we found following modules useful to develop any mobile app.

  1. Redux

Redux is used to manage application state. In react, reactivity is purely dependent on state changes and it’s better to use container library like redux. Initially you will find it difficult but once you get used to it, you will find it easy and your life as mobile app development will become easier.

Install redux using npm install redux For all Steps Read my Blog Post http://www.skywardsoftwares.co.in/blog/Useful-modules-for-any-React-Native-App

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