Cloak v0.4.0 Released! Winners for @spawnfest were announced!

IntelliJ Elixir v7.2.0


  • mix runs will be faster as they will no longer check to see if the SDK is updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid problems with read and write locks when updating Elixir SDK on-demand by instead updating them when any project is open using a project converter.
  • JetBrains/[email protected] added @NotNull to OrderRootType.getOrderRootType, which JavaDocRootType.getInstance calls, which means any Small IDE using intellij-community since 4 months ago, including the newest CLion cannot have JavadocOrderRootType.getInstance safely called.
  • Path changes were not being written back to disk because the projectSdksModel.apply() was being called before the editor.apply(), which would have copied to the editor's path changes to the projectSdksModel.

Installation Instructions

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