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Mastering Phoenix Framework book by @shankardevy goes open source

I’m releasing one of the books from Phoenix Inside Out book series on #phoenixframework under CC licence today.

The book can be viewed online https://shankardevy.com/phoenix-inside-out-mpf/

To know more about what is covered in this book, visit this thread on Elixir forum (https://elixirforum.com/t/phoenix-inside-out-series-of-books-booklets-self-published/5473/17?u=shankardevy)

Report any issues that you find in the book on the Github repo https://github.com/shankardevy/phoenix-inside-out-mpf

Thank you @elixirlang @elixirphoenix and the awesome dev community.

Special thanks to my readers ❤️ for sharing positive and constructive feedbacks

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