Sobelow - 0.2.1 alembic 3.2.1

alembic 3.3.0




  • #44 - @KronicDeth

    • Alembic.Document.from_ecto_changeset/2 converts the errors in ecto_changeset to Alembic.Error.t in a single Alembic.Document.t. Bypasses a bug in JaSerializer where it assumes all fields that don’t end in _id are attribute names, which leads to association names (as opposed to their foreign key) being put under /data/attributes. Alembic.Document.from_ecto_changeset reflects on the Ecto.Changeset.t data struct module to get the __schema__/1 information from the Ecto.Schema.t. It also assumes that if the field maps to no known attribute, association or foreign key, then the error should not have an Alembic.Source.t instead of defaulting to /data/attributes.
    • Update circle.yml

      • Erlang 19.3
      • Elixir 1.4.1

Bug Fixes

  • #43 - @KronicDeth

    • Allow Alembic.Error.t source to be nil
    • Lower minimum coverage because coverage number varies from run to run.

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