Solution to Challenge 12: Making bitmaps with color palettes phoenix_integration 0.4 published to hex

IntelliJ Elixir 7.2.1

  • Use documentionRootType to indirectly get the documentation OrderRootType in the Erlang SDK Type, so that it works in Small IDEs that have more than CLASSES and SOURCES root types installed.
  • The credo annotator is disabled by default as numerous users find running mix credo in the background has a negative impact on their system performance. If you like to try enabling the annotation, you can turn it on using the configuration.
  1. Preferences > Editor > Inspections > Elixir
  2. Check “Credo”
  3. Click OK to save and close Preferences

    If you notice a degradation the in the responsiveness of the editor, it is recommended you disable the annotator again.

  4. Preferences > Editor > Inspections > Elixir
  5. Uncheck “Credo”
  6. Click OK to save and close Preferences
  • Protect from PsiFile being null in Local credo inspector
  • Run Qualified#moduleName getText in Read Action.
  • Scratch Files have a Project, but not a Module, so change flow to use Project when Module is null in credo annotator.
  • Don’t add .bat to mix on Windows. mix is never run as an executable. It is either run as a script to elixir.bat OR as an argument to erl.exe when erl.exe is running elixir.

Installation Instructions

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