Using Ansible to Deploy Elixir Applications on Dokku 8th video in the series about building cryptocurrency trading bot in Elixir

IntelliJ Elixir v11.8.1


Bug Fixes

  • Vendor JInterface 1.11 to support BIG_CREATION when debugging. The JInterface on Maven Central has stopped being updated because the OTP Team didn’t actually maintain it, that was Basho, and Basho is gone now. This version of JInterface, 1.11, is from Erlang 23.0.4 from Homebrew, but with the formula edited (brew edit erlang) to add --with-java and then built with brew install erlang --build-from-source.
  • On Windows, the file.path to the debugger server files has \, but they aren’t escaped. Therefore, replace them with escaped version, \\ to fix debugging on Windows, but leave Linux and macOS unaffected. Installation Instructions

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