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Phoenix & Elm landing page (pt.1)

I have started a new tutorial series in which we will be covering the following topics:

  • Create a new Phoenix project.
  • Add a new Phoenix context for marketing leads.
  • Add an API endpoint to insert a lead’s data into the database.
  • Build the landing page template using Phoenix and Bulma as our CSS framework of choice.
  • Add Elm to the project and build a subscription form that points to the API endpoint described previously.
  • Add Google’s reCAPTCHA widget to the Elm subscription form, and how to render it and how to handle a visitor’s reCAPTCHA response.
  • Build an HTTP client using HTTPoison to verify the token received by the reCAPTCHA widget against Google’s reCAPTCHA API from our backend.
  • Build another HTTP client to subscribe leads to an email marketing service such as MailChimp.
  • Add tests covering the subscription process using mocks for the HTTP clients.

I hope you enjoy it and happy coding!

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