What's wrong with a global User module? Filtrex 0.4.1 Released

Just in time for Spooktober: `Ghoul` 0.1.1: An undead cleanup crew for your processes

Ghoul.summon/2 raises one of the undead to stalk your process, waiting until just after death to consume the corpse… err… execute a custom callback.

Ghoul.reap_in/3 invites the carrion eaters to slay a misbehaving process after a timeout, unless reap_in is called again to set a new timeout, or cancel_reap or banish prevent the Ghoul from mincing up his tasty treat.

I’ve been using this in production for a few months, and it has elegantly solved some tricky issues; my current favorite is delaying a supervisor’s restart of a worker, but only when the worker exited while in a particular situation.

Check out the rest of the API over at the repo

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