The Big Ideas Learning IoT: First Steps with Elixir, Nerve UART and Phoenix

IntelliJ Elixir 9.0.0

  • Resolve calls through use AnAlias calls
  • Specifically makes use MyAppWeb, :controller in Phoenix apps now work.
  • Go To Related (Ctrl+Cmd+Up) can be used to Go To the decompiled Module or call definitions when on a source modular (defimpl, defmodule, or defprotocol) or callable (def, defp, defmacro, defmacrop).
  • Resolve unqualified bracket operation identifiers (var in var[key]) to variables or 0-arity calls.
  • Fixes renames of variables not renaming usage of variables for Access lookups (i.e. var[key]).
  • Go To Symbol will no longer show redundant entries
  • Call Definitions (name/arity) is no longer shown if the Call Definition Clause is also included. This isn’t a large loss because the /arity was not searchable and only part of the presentation.
  • If there is a decompiled and a source version of a symbol, only the source version will be shown.

    • The source Implementation will be shown and not the decompiled Module with the same fully-qualified name (<protocol>.<for>).
  • Items will be deduped if they point to the same element, such as function clauses with default arguments because when presented they look the same even if internally one is representing /1 and /2, for example.
  • Fix regression in completion for unqualified functions from imports.

Installation Instructions

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