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{:ok, 📍} aka LibLatLon library to handle geo coordinates

The library provides both handling the coordinates in any imaginable format and querying geodata providers for both direct and reverse geo lookup.

iex|1 ▶ LibLatLon.lookup("test/inputs/1.jpg")
iex|2 ▶ LibLatLon.lookup({41.376223, 2.1483528})
iex|3 ▶ LibLatLon.lookup(lat: 41.376223, lon: 2.1483528)
iex|4 ▶ LibLatLon.lookup("Carrer de Tarragona, Hostafrancs, [...]")

#⇒      %LibLatLon.Info{
#           address: "Carrer de Tarragona, Hostafrancs, [...], 08023, España",
#           ...

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