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Announced the Domo library's first release during the lightning talk at the ElixirConf EU Virtual

The library is to model a business domain with type-safe structs and composable tagged tuples.

Now a new valid way to have type-safe structs at the runtime is available:

defmodule Order do
  use Domo

  typedstruct do
    field :id, integer
    field :item, String.t(), default: "mixed fruits"
    field :quantity, float

  # the new!/1 constructor function is generated automatically
iex(1)>!(id: "twenty one", quantity: 20)
** (ArgumentError) Can't construct %Order{...} with new!([id: "twenty one", quantity: 20])
    Unexpected value type for the field :id. The value "twenty one" doesn't match the integer type.
    Unexpected value type for the field :quantity. The value 20 doesn't match the float type.

iex(2)>!(%{id: 125, item: "banana", quantity: 20.5})      
%Order{id: 125, item: "banana", quantity: 20.5}

It was awesome!

Please, give it a try, and star on the GitHub if you like it or hate it 😀

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