plymio_vekil v0.1.0 TMIB-17: This May, I added support for gating on the new GitHub Checks API

IntelliJ Elixir v7.5.0

  • Complete #{ with }.
  • Show whether variable/module attribute usage is read or write.
  • Find Usage for call definitions (functions and macros).
  • Improved element descriptions, so you can tell alias vs defmodule vs decompiled defmodule with Go To Declaration lookup.
  • Full Elixir 1.6 grammar change support.
  • erl_abstract_code format Dbgi chunks are decompiled and translated to Elixir from the Erlang Abstract Code.
  • Allow zero or more lines after struct name before {.
  • Lazily create editor panels for BEAM Chunks Code, ExDc, and Dbgi tabs.
  • Allow true: and false: keys in maps/keyword lists.

Installation Instructions

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