The journey of solving an Elixir exercise on Exercism and how that led me to look beyond the impostor syndrome Benchee 0.11.0 released

IntelliJ Elixir v6.6.0

  • EEx support
  • Lexer for EEx format
  • Parser for EEx format
  • EEx as a Template Language

    • Any file with .eex as the final extension will be treated as EEx. To determine the Template Data Language, the .eex extension will be stripped and any remaining extension will be looked up to get the File Type and its associated Language. For example, *.txt.eex will be EEx with Plain Text (.txt) as the Data Template Language. Likewise, *.html.eex will be EEx with HTML as the Data Template Language. There’s no need to register *.txt.eex or *.html.eex or any other *.DATA_TEMPLATE_LANGUAGE_EXTENSION.eex pattern explicitly: the nested extension will be looked up using the normal extension setup.
  • Decompile LocT chunk for private macros and functions and the derived names of anonymous functions.
  • Parse HEAD-<SHA1> as 0.0.<SHA1> for sorting versions from homebrew homepath. It will almost always be last unless there is an unknown version, which uses 0.0.0.
  • Ensure any unparsable version sorts as 0.0.0 (UKNOWN_VERSION).

Installation Instructions

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