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Morphix v0.1.1 released, now with partiphification!

Morphix is a small library of convenience methods for manipulating Enums, including flattening lists and tuples, converting strings to atoms, and odder things.

The new partiphify method divides a list into k balanced sublists, such that:

> Morphix.partiphify!([:a,:b,:c,:d,:e,:f,:g,:h,:i,:j], 4)
[[:e, :f], [:g, :h], [:i, :a, :b], [:j, :c, :d]]

The difference between Morphix.partiphify and Enum.chunk is twofold: first, you always get k sublists, even if one or more are empty, and second, the output list sizes are balanced. The use case it was designed for was dividing a list of inputs across a fixed number of workers.

code and documentation

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