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gen_rmq 3.0.0 version release

GenRMQ is a set of behaviours meant to be used to create RabbitMQ consumers and publishers.


  • Custom deadletter exchange type
  • Updated telemetry events
  • Bump amqp from 1.2.1 to 1.4.2
  • Bump min supported elixir version to 1.8
  • Task Supervisor for message consumers

It is a major release, which contains non-backward compatible changes. Please check how to migrate to version 3.0.0 from older versions: https://github.com/meltwater/gen_rmq/blob/master/documentation/migrations/3.0.0.md

Kudos to @akoutmos, @Shemeikka, @spier, and @vorce for making it possible.

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