An Ueberauth Oauth 2 Walkthrough Understanding LiveView: build a Gallery app

IntelliJ Elixir v11.4.0


  • Previously, the arity of a function or macro could only disagree with the definition and resolve if

    1. The arity of the call was in the arity range of the defintion and the ResolveResult was marked as a validResult.
    2. The code is marked as incomplete (because the IDE detects typing, etc) and the arity mismatches and the ResolveResult is marked as an invalid result.

    By marking all arity mismatches, regardless of incompleteness of the code as an invalid result, Go To Definition and Show Parameters works when the the arity is incorrect. This males Show Parameters work while typing out a call without the correct number of commas and allows jumping to the definition while typing out the call too.

Installation Instructions

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