Lesson 2: Word Count is updated for Elixir 1.7 ExVenture Updates for July 2018

Why I’m Loving Elixir

Elixir Why I’m loving Elixir Development

I have been a software developer for over 10 years now when I started as a developer back then “Frontend” was called a webmaster. We used Ajax calls and the popular JavaScript frameworks were JQuerry and MooTools. Java with Tomcat and PHP were the popular backend languages. Since then development languages, frameworks, and toolsets have improved drastically. I personally went from HTML/CSS to PHP, then Java, then ActionScript (I do miss ActionScript) to JavaSctipt, Python, Node and so forth. But I have always stayed within Object Oriented Programming and Inheritance Programming and never really done any Functional Programming. - https://almog.io/why-im-loving-elixir/

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