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StrawHat.Review: Review System.


We try to put together a review system analyzing some systems out there like Fiverr, Amazon, Google, Lyft and Uber.


Review: it allow you to have multiple aspects with an score, imagine how many businesses like Fiverr have some features of the review you want to score independently.

Aspects: are like featured skills in the review that you would like to score: like good_communicator, nice_music or whatever comes to your businesses model.

Reactions: you can react to comments or reviews on the systems. You can use reactions as you please, maybe a like and dislike reaction, or funny or whatever makes sense to your business.

Comments: are just what you expect, you have a thread of comments for specific Review

Future Ideas

We want to add some soft of AI analytics that you could do, we could send the review to some Google services for example and then tag back the review. We are not planing to add this in the near future because we need to focus on making money so we can continue improving and creating free and open source code, but we are more than welcome to help you out in the process.

Also the ability to track directly the IPs and flag untrusted reviews and so on.

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