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I'm sure Elixir needed another Redis library, so here you go!

Hey Elixir friends,

a few hours ago I released v0.1.0 of Redix, a Redis client written in pure Elixir™. I had lots of fun building it, and I’d love any kind of feedback :).

Quick feature tour:

  • non-blocking (a Redix connection doesn’t wait for a response to come back from Redis before sending other commands to it)
  • pipelined
  • very very simple :)
  • resilient, meaning it’s able to reconnect to Redis after a network failure (thanks to the awesome connection by James Fish)

Quick missing features tour:

  • PubSub! This is the biggest missing feature for now, for sure.
  • Maybe Redis Sentinel?

I know redo or eredis are much more battle-tested than Redix and they’ve been around much longer, but hey, Redix is PURE ELIXIR! :D Also, from a set of benchmarks I did (using benchfella, it appears that Redix is as fast as eredis and redo for single commands, but faster than both of them for pipelines of commands (the more commands in the pipeline, the faster it is compared to the other two!).

So, while there was absolutely no need for another Redis client in this world, I’m happy Elixir has a native one too now :)



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