Parser Combinators in Elixir

Learn what parser combinators are, what they are made of, and how to make your own CSV parser using NimbleParsec, a parser combinator library written in Elixir.

ThinkingElixir 042: LiveView Autocomplete and Blogging with Velina Petrova

In episode 42 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Velina Petrova about a blog post she wrote showing how a “designer dreamed up” feature was delivered using LiveView and Alpine.js. She shares how she added the feature to a non-LiveView page demonstrating a great strategy for slowly moving a project in the direction you want to go without stopping to re-write. We also talk about blogging, the value of sharing and putting yourself out there. We all share some tips we’ve found helpful when creating content.

Podcast Episode

HOTP and TOTP algorithms in Erlang

I’ve published an Erlang implementation of the HOTP and the TOTP algorithms. It can be useful for everyone who needs to provides 2FA to their users.

My experience with Elixir and Phoenix after 2 years

After two years on a commercial project, I wrote about my experience with Elixir.

New Course "Elixir: The Big Picture" on Pluralsight

Recently released “Elixir: The Big Picture” on Pluralsight, focusing on what makes Elixir different and why companies should embrace it. All Pluralsight courses are free this month.

Elixir lib "Machinist" with a DSL to write state machines

In these last days I’ve been writing this tiny Elixir lib with a DSL to implement state machines.

Building Git in Elixir — Part 5 (Build Index)

Upcoming Elixir Wizards |> Conference!

We’re excited to announce our first-ever Elixir Wizards conference! If you have an idea for a presentation, let us know–submissions for speakers and panelists are open through 4/18:

ThinkingElixir 041: Secure IoT Systems using Ockam with Mrinal Wadhwa

In episode 41 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Mrinal Wadhwa about, both the project and the company. They are taking on the ambitious goal of building an open protocol through Elixir and Rust libraries to enable secure and trusted IoT platforms. We learn about recurring problems that the IoT industry faces and how they are seeking to solve them differently. A very informative and interesting discussion!

Podcast Episode

Introductory Phoenix LiveView course

I’ve just published the first three episodes of an Introductory LiveView course. These episodes are standalone and free extracts from the larger course.

  1. Intro to Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  2. Application Design
  3. Intro to Poeticoins Elixir application

Association Defaults in Ecto 📀

This little-known Ecto feature, that we’ve been using in production at Slab for over a year now, can help you design secure and scalable multi-tenant applications in Elixir:

Association Defaults in Ecto →

Association defaults in ecto

phx_component_helpers - Easier live_components coding

PhxComponentHelpers are helper functions meant to be used within Phoenix LiveView live_components to make your components more configurable and extensible from templates.

The Beauty Of [Functional Programming]

Programming languages that are not functional can get messy with lots of if-else statements especially if you are a beginner. With functional programming languages that practice is not followed, let’s dive in with a simple example with the Elixir programming language.

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Advanced Ecto.Multi Usage by Eric Oestrich

Latest blog post is out today! Check it out here:

Backoffice, admin tool built with PETAL stack

Elixir Wizards S5E17 Adopting Elixir Finale with Sean Lewis, Anna Neyzber, and René Föhring

Building Git in Elixir — Part 4 (Store Nested Trees as Merkle Tree)

Alchemy Conf is dead, long live VirtuAlchemy Conf

Everything you need to know about Alchemy Conf 2021. Date, tickets, charity proceeds and carbon-neutrality.

Code folding support in Emacs with Elixir language server

Support for code folding landed in master on the ElixirLS project. Here is a walk through getting it set up for Emacs users, specifically Doom Emacs.

Slurpee - A GUI frontend to manage blockchain ingestion with slurp

Connect to multiple blockchains to process log events with a near uniform API

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