ThinkingElixir 098: Elixir in the iOS App Store with Dominic Letz

In episode 98 of Thinking Elixir, Dominic Letz did something I thought was impossible. He got an Elixir application packaged up, approved, and available through the Apple App Store on iOS devices. The application runs Elixir on the device, creates a web view, and hosts Phoenix LiveView pages. They went further and created a bridge to integrate with more of the platform specific features of the device. Is Android your preferred platform? They have it running there as well and in the Google Play Store. We talk about how it works, challenges overcome, and where it is now. They also created several Github projects that show how to do this yourself to create a cross-platform desktop application and apps for Apple and Android mobile devices. Very cool! They want your help to make it even better.

How to safely handle related database operations with Ecto Multi

Check the short TIL (today I learned) post from Oskar Lenger:

A Guide to Event-Driven Architecture in Elixir

Let’s explore three ways to implement event-driven architecture in Elixir — synchronously, using GenServer, and using GenStage.

A Livebook notebook for Elixir Code Smells

In this video I show a Livebook notebook for Elixir code smells.

One-Time-Password library in Elixir!

ExOtp is a library for generating and verifying One-Time-Passwords (either Time-based OTP(TOTP) or Counter based(via HOTP)). It is based on PyOTP and nimble_totp.

How I hacked a bunch of crypto wallets with Elixir

I hacked several poorly protected crypto wallets in “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum”, “Tron” and “Dogecoin” blockchains. In this post, I’ll describe my approach and show you what I found

Writing to NFC tags on Android Chrome with LiveView

How Severus uses Web NFC to create shareable invitations.

Elixir, Kubernetes, and minikube

Join me, this Wednesday, May, 11th, at 18:00 CET and watch me talk about

“Elixir, Kubernetes, and minikube”

I’ll show you how to deploy an Elixir application to Kubernetes using minikube.

Register here

P.S. I’ll give away a copy of my book to one of the attendants to the meetup

Elixir's interactive shell

How many features of iex do you already know?

IntelliJ Elixir v13.0.0



Incompatible Changes


  • #2594 - @KronicDeth
    • Support 2022.1 IDEs
      • Update IntelliJ Plugin Gradle to 1.5.3.
      • Set untilBuild explicitly
      • Target JVM Version 11
  • #2633 - @KronicDeth
    • Expand untilBuild to cover PATCH releases of 2022.1.

Bug Fixes

  • #2594 - @KronicDeth
    • Fix (some) plugin verifier warnings
      • Fix (some) deprecation warnings.
      • Use fewer Internal APIs.
  • #2633 - @KronicDeth
    • Don’t use ElixirModuleType to check if it is available. It will not load in IDEs that lack JavaModuleBuilder, which is why I was hard coding the ran previously.
    • Don’t use XmlSerializer as equivalent of DefaultJDOMExternalizer The DefaultJDOMExternalizer method calls weren’t writing anything and the explicit attribute value accesses were, so it is more correct to just remove the original deprecated calls.

Installation Instructions

Recognize Digits Using ML in Elixir

Machine learning allows you to solve once unimaginable problem. Elixir’s support for machine learning through Nx and Axon let us do impressive thing while staying in our favorite language.

Great getting-started guide from Philip Brown for Axon, Phoenix and machine learning! Walks you through training a model to recognize handwritten digits in a LiveView!

Elixir Wizards S8E4 - Sanne Kalkman on Coding, Crafting, and Collaboration

Check it out - the latest episode of Elixir Wizards just hit your feed!

Elixir Wizards S8E4 - Sanne Kalkman on Coding, Crafting, and Collaboration

Check it out - the latest episode of Elixir Wizards just hit your feed!

Elixir Wizards S8E4 - Sanne Kalkman on Coding, Crafting, and Collaboration

Check it out - the latest episode of Elixir Wizards just hit your feed!

Creating an Input Union Type System Directive in Absinthe

Create an Input Union directive in Absinthe to make your GraphQL schema’s even more powerful!

Elixir Newbie Podcast Ep 17: Phoenix Deployment Handbook w/ Jack Gray

Jack Gray author of the Phoenix Deployment Handbook sits down with Brooklin to discuss how to deploy phoenix applications, and improve your deployment process. We also talk about what we’ve learned creating educational content. Listen here: Episode 17

How to group and count occurrences of values in Elixir's list

If you ever had to count occurrences of values in Elixir’s list, this short post might be helpful for you!

Developing a feature for elixir-ls

Hi all, I recently contributed a tiny new feature to elixir-ls and wanted to document how I went about setting up my local env to get a faster feedback loop while developing.

"Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics" eBook

I have published my new Elixir book:

Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics

I guide you from zero to deploying to AWS, Azure, and GCP

  • Create Elixir clusters with libcluster
  • Practice k8s deploying with minikube
  • Deploy an Elixir cluster to EKS, AKS, and GKE

Git history with Elixir

In this post I show how to get the Git history using Elixir.

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