Understanding when to use String-based Maps vs Atom-based Maps


Elixir Wizards S6E5 Scaling and The Growth Curve with Francesco Cesarini

The latest episode of Elixir Wizards is out today! Check it out here: https://smartlogic.io/podcast/elixir-wizards/s6e5-cesarini/

Elixir at Ramp 🧪

A founding engineer of Ramp, one of NYC’s fastest’s unicorns, outlines why they chose Elixir for critical services. Contains links to many talks and blog posts, and compares it with other popular startup stacks.

How to Set Up Neovim for Elixir Development

In the last year I’ve made the switch to Neovim Nightly, and with it my setup for Elixir development has changed! This article goes over the plugins and configuration you’ll need to get a solid experience.


Let's Build An Instagram Clone With The PETAL(Phoenix, Elixir, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, LiveView) Stack [PART 8]

In this part we will work on the bookmarks functionality and notify users when a following adds new posts to our homepage.

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Monitoring Memory Usage for Erlang and Elixir Applications

In this post, we’ll do a quick overview of monitoring memory issues in Erlang and Elixir setups.

ThinkingElixir 050: Exercism.io and Elixir with Angelika Tyborska

In episode 50 of Thinking Elixir, Angelika Tyborska shares the history of exercism.io, her involvement, what issues were addressed in v2 and the soon to be released v3. We cover the Elixir track, her work as a maintainer, the journey of a student and how people can help as mentors. We also talk about the fun she had creating a maze generator and more!


Failing Big with Elixir & LiveView

Here’s the story of how the convention of a political party in Germany was almost ruined with a flawed implementation of LiveView and GenServer.


Absinthe middleware for tagged union input types

Union input types are not supported by GraphQL spec yet, but you can simulate that behaviour and add automatic validation by using an Absinthe middleware.


New app template & add-ons framework for Phoenix

I just released the template that I use to jump-start Phoenix projects (named Legendary). It’s all the goodness of Phoenix+Elixir plus lots of bells and whistles.


Three real-world examples of distributed Elixir (pt. 1)

Hi there! I just started a new blog series called Three real-world examples of distributed Elixir. Here is the first part out of four, in which we will make a gentle introduction to distributed Elixir. Happy coding!


Elixir Livestream - Building a web crawler

So I sat down during my last livestream and gave a first pass at building a web crawler. More to come on this project this coming friday.


Elixir Wizards S6E4 Bringing the Magic of Math into Programming with Chris Miller

The latest episode of Elixir Wizards is out today! Check it out here: https://smartlogic.io/podcast/elixir-wizards/s6e4-miller/

Livebook is a secret weapon for documentation

Livebook was created for machine learning in Elixir. But Livebook isn’t limited to machine learning. I found it works really well for documenting important app logic too! It combines markdown documentation with your project code and even executes the code showing the results. This makes it easier for new devs ramping-up on a project by getting comfortable with those super important parts of the app.


Debugging and mocking third party services in Elixir with Mox

I have published a new blog post in which I detail how I use the application environment, behaviors and Mox to debug and test third party services!


Announcing Temple v0.6!


ThinkingElixir 049: Pushing for Modularity with Maciej Kaszubowski

In episode 49 of Thinking Elixir, Maciej Kaszubowski returns to talk about how read models can help modularize our systems. There is a focus on background job systems and how they fit in our modular designs. We cover push vs pull based systems and which is more maintainable. Maciej also shares his approach to learning and understanding a new Elixir library and more!

Podcast Episode

Layouts and LiveEEx templates

I’ve just published a new episode in which I explain:

  • Layouts, how they work with regular views and LiveViews.
  • How to update the page title in LiveView.
  • .leex LiveEEx template file

Layouts and LiveEEx templates

Debugging Elixir Code - The Definitive Guide

Debugging techniques are often an overlooked topic in Elixir, and Michal’s new article explains how you can get more productive through available but sometimes little-known tools.

[ANN] Meshx - service mesh support library

Meshx is a group of packages providing service mesh support for Elixir language.

Version [0.1.0] has been released and is available on hex.pm.

  • Meshx - starting point with high-level library overview.
  • MeshxConsul - Consul service mesh adapter.
  • MeshxRpc - RPC client and server designed for service mesh environment.
  • MeshxNode - service mesh distribution module, alternative to EPMD and :inet_tls_dist.

Hex Version Hex Docs GitHub

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