Green Software Development - is Elixir eco technology?

What is green coding? In this article, we will discuss the principles of green software development and how Elixir can help you write more sustainable code! Sounds intersting? Check out this blog post!

How I deploy my phoenix apps

I wrote down how I currently deploy my phoenix apps. How I setup my server, what scripts I use and finally my Github deploy action, with a little Wireguard in the mix.

ThinkingElixir 117: PhxLiveStorybook

Episode 117 of Thinking Elixir. A UI Storybook for Phoenix LiveView components? Christian Blavier joins to share what his team created and made OpenSource. The project was even mentioned during Chris McCord’s keynote as possibly becoming part of the Phoenix project. We learn what a UI Storybook is, how it works in a project, and how it helps teams and individuals maintain consistent styles throughout a project.

Fix Process Bottlenecks with Elixir 1.14's Partition Supervisor

In this post, we’ll explore Elixir’s new PartitionSupervisor. We’ll take a look at some code that suffers from the exact bottleneck issue that partitions supervisors are designed to solve. Then, we’ll fix that bottleneck.

Sonic Pi - Live. Code. Music.

The Sonic Pi project is incredibly cool and I wanted to do something around that. This is the video that came out of it, I’m thrilled with the result :)

Music credit, a Sonic Pi example by DJ_Dave.

Sonic Pi uses both Elixir and Erlang btw ;)

Let me know what you think!

8 SaaS Using Elixir and Phoenix in Production

Elixir is gaining in popularity and as a result many SaaS companies are now using Elixir and Phoenix as the basis of their technology stack. Here are some of the most interesting examples.

Debugging Elixir Phoenix with dbg

Elixir 1.14.0 added Kernel.dbg/2 to improve developer experience. Learn how dbg can replace IO.inspect to enhance your debugging workflow.

Debugging Elixir Phoenix with dbg

ElixirConfUY 2022

ElixiConf is happening in Uruguay this November 11-12.

Telemetry UI

A lot of popular Elixir packages (eg. Phoenix, Oban, Absinthe, Tesla) come with a built-in integration of Erlang’s telemetry system. But for it to actually be useful to you, you have to do something with telemetry events 🙂

Telemetry UI is a package that stores events in PostgreSQL and displays them inside your Phoenix application. The data stays on the same infrastructure and you can control how you display it.

Treating warnings as errors in Elixir's mix compile

Warnings in Elixir are usually an important sign of a problem in the codebase. There is an easy way to make them gone.

How to implement a disk cache plugin for Elixir's Req HTTP client?

Req is a great HTTP library, which I use with Mix.install/2 quite a lot now. In this post I’m sharing how to implement some caching via the Req plugin system.

Elixir code style, a brief example

A short blog post showing two ways to write a function, and why one style is better than the other.

TIL: Correctly comparing dates in Elixir

Special functions are used to compare dates. With it, you can prepare a comparison based on semantics. Simple functions can solve your problems with incorrect results.


Tracking changes in your Elixir code with the Audit library

“This library has saved my bacon on several occasions.” 🥓 Staff Engineer Guy Argo introduces an #Elixir Audit library to help understand the impact of modifications to large in-memory data structures.

ThinkingElixir 116: Remote Development and Elixir

Episode 116 of Thinking Elixir. In episode 110, we talked about, and rejected, the argument for the “End of Localhost Development”. Carter Bryden joins us to share a perspective from the other side, one in favor of remote development. We learn about the benefits to contractors, PR reviews, giving demos, and how containerizing our development environment even improves local development. We learn about the tools, services, and techniques that make it possible. An interesting look into a different way of developing our favorite language!

Elixir 1.14: Better Debugging with dbg/2 and More

Check out Elixir 1.14’s improvements to Inspect and binary evaluation error messaging, as well as the new dbg() debugging function.

Ecto_anon: Our open-source library for anonymizing data easily

We have just released our open-source library for data anonymization, which we called ecto_anon — built in Elixir, our main backend language — and which comes with ecto integration. Check it out!

From Junior to Senior. Who is a Senior Elixir Dev? - Interview

Meet Michał Buszkiewicz - a Senior Elixir Dev himself! He’ll give us his insights on what it means to be a SENIOR Elixir programmer, share some of their favourite features, and talk through how he developed over time (and how you can develop yourself!) Read more:

Creating a real-time Trello board with Phoenix LiveView-Part-2

This blog series demonstrate how to create real-time Trello board in Phoenix LiveView.

Creating a real-time Trello board with Phoenix LiveView-Part-1

This blog series demonstrate how to create real-time Trello board in Phoenix LiveView.

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