Introductory LiveView Course: LiveComponents

I’ve published two new episodes of the Intro LiveView course:

Expectations with Mox

I updated my popular post on mocking with Mox with expectations.

ThinkingElixir 074: New to Elixir and Women in Tech with Miki and Kate Rezentes

In episode 74 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with mother and daughter team Miki and Kate Rezentes about their experiences learning and working with Elixir and as women in the tech industry. Miki presented “Greasing the Wheel of Adoption” at ElixirConf. Her focus was on the people aspect of adoption and we had a great time going deeper on that topic here. Kate, who is just starting her career as a developer, talks about ways we can share tech with the young people around us. We get their ideas and suggestions for ways to support women in tech, young people learning tech, and more!

Deploying Elixir eBook

I published my book “Deploying Elixir”

It compiles the articles from my blog but it also includes a NEW, UNPUBLISHED, chapter with instructions to deploy to Heroku.

The best thing: it is FREE to download!

Get it here

Safe Ecto Migrations - Community Resource

There is a new community resource available on writing “Safe Ecto Migrations”. When we get a migration wrong, it can lock up your production servers with table locks!

This 4 part guide walks through:

  • Understanding Ecto migrations and what Postgres is actually doing
  • Setting up your mix release project for running migrations
  • Recipes for safely making many common changes
  • How to safely make batch data changes
  • Includes a Github repo with samples!

A valuable new resource for the community!

Debugging Elixir Phoenix: Beyond IO.inspect/2

We cover some options for debugging Elixir when using IO.inspect/2. Then we show some examples of additional debugging tools available to you in Elixir using a simple Phoenix app.

ForthVM: library implementing a Forth-like multi-core multi-process virtual machine

I have written it to experiment implementing a stack-based preemptive multitasking interpreter (and to play) using Elixir.

It is a funny toy! 😃

excellent_migrations: Elixir lib for detecting unsafe db migrations

Hey, I’ve just released excellent_migrations lib on Hex. It’s a tool that analyses database migrations and detects potentially dangerous operations. I was inspired by a popular Ruby gem strong_migrations.

Your feedback and contributions are super welcome 😎

Launching Livebook using LiveView

I had a blast creating‘s Livebook launcher in LiveView! Here I go through some of the state management challenges and the Phoenix tools we used to overcome them.

Elixir Wizards S7E3 The Benefits of Consistently Growing Your Toolset with Florian Kraft

The latest episode of Elixir Wizards is out today! Check it out here:

Build a Postgres Proxy in Elixir using Pattern Matching

Want to learn how your application talks to your database? Build a proxy using Elixir with its powerful pattern matching and gen_tcp to take your database understanding to the next level. In this article we build a Postgres proxy in Elixir to show all you need is a little curiosity to master one of the most popular SQL protocols around.

One way to handle static asset files in Phoenix 1.6

When we switched our project to Phoenix 1.6, we were looking for a way how to handle static asset files so that commiting digest files by accident was not possible. This is the setup we’ve come up with

Building a simple Calendly clone with Phoenix LiveView (pt. 3)

Here’s part three of the Building a simple Calendly clone with Phoenix LiveView series, in which we will learn some LiveView fundamentals while implementing the event type selection page. Happy coding!

SmartLogic Developer Apprentice Program - Midway Update

Did you know it’s National Apprentice Week? Here at SmartLogic we are celebrating the progress of our 2021 Apprentices with this blog post reflecting on what they’ve learned so far in the program. Read more about the skills they are developing and the benefits of curating an encouraging, supportive mentorship program in our company.

Error Monitoring for Elixir Phoenix with AppSignal

Get notified as soon as your users discover an error in your Phoenix app so you can solve issues and push updates quicker. A guide to show you how to set up exception and error monitoring for Elixir with AppSignal.

Pitfalls of Metaprogramming in Elixir

In the final part of our series on metaprogramming, we’ll look at three common pitfalls you might encounter when using macros in Elixir.

ThinkingElixir 073: Elixir at Supabase with Paul Copplestone

In episode 73 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Paul Copplestone, founder and CEO of Supabase. Supabase leverages the power of Elixir, Postgres, and more to create an OpenSource Firebase alternative that brings these powers to the Jamstack community. We cover TechCrunch’s coverage of their funding, how he considers Supabase as “the easiest way to use Postgres”. They offer a row-level security feature and we dig in to understand that. We go deeper on how an OpenSource company can get VC funding and how their business model works. Paul shares how Elixir, Phoenix and PubSub solves some hard problems that other ecosystems just don’t handle and how Supabase can help those other communities get some of those benefits using the tools they already chose. Some interesting features are that you can self-host if you want, swap out different components, and permissive licenses. It really seems to embody the OSS ethos. Great to see another company using Elixir to create lots of business value!

CryptoWatch: Elixir example project using GenServers, Phoenix Channels, Websockets and D3.js

CryptoWatch, an Elixir example project to experiment with GenServers, Phoenix Channels, Websockets and D3.js.

Like, but BEAM-flavoured

GitHub repo

Ecto: An Introduction to Elixir's Database Toolkit

Ecto is the go-to database toolkit for Elixir developers. Read our beginner-oriented article to learn how it works and what’s special about it.

ecto_psql_extras: new release allows generating a healthcheck report of your PostgreSQL database

The new release of ecto_psql_extras adds a ‘diagnose’ method. You can use it directly in your Phoenix LiveView dashboard.

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