An Introduction to Metaprogramming in Elixir

In the first of this four-part series, learn some fundamentals of metaprogramming as well as some Elixir metaprogramming secrets:

ThinkingElixir 063: SMS Texting in Nerves with Peter Ullrich

In episode 63 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Peter Ullrich about his experience sending SMS messages from a Raspberry Pi Zero using Nerves. We cover what went well, what didn’t and get a glimpse into the current state of Nerves for a newbie when dealing with hardware. Peter also tried Livebook for Nerves and had a great experience with that. We discuss the challenges of hardware systems dealing with the “real world” but see how Elixir makes the process easier to model and think about.

Para - Declarative way to parse and validate HTTP parameters

Modern web API built on Elixir requires robust data handling between its internal services and relying on just database schema to parse and validate external data is sometimes not enough. Para helps you build structured data parsing and validation modules without the hassle of building full-scale schema modules using its declarative little helpers. Checkout the library here:

How to generate PDF in Elixir

Elixir Mix 143: Miss Elixir featuring Fernando Hamasaki de Amorim

In episode 143 of Elixir Mix, Fernando Hamasaki de Amorim talks about the Miss Elixir library, where it came from, and what it is. Also the context where this library was created in the Elixir applications at FindHotel.

Laura Castro on Property-Based Testing in Elixir

Laura Castro, a Professor at University of A Coruña, gave a lecture to my Introduction to Functional Programming class at the Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR) on July 29th, 2021.

7Mind is looking for a Backend Developer with interest in Elixir (Remote/On-Site)

We at 7Mind are looking for some more colleagues to join our Product Development team!

If you’re interested in elixirlang and want to work on something which brings mindfulness to millions of people, then checkout our job posting!

LiveView Integration Testing

Part two of this two-part series on testing LiveView is out now. Learn how to write comprehensive integration tests for your LiveView applications with pure Elixir.

FindHotel is hiring Senior Backend Engineers with experience in Elixir. Remote or here in Amsterdam 🇳🇱

FindHotel believes travel is the one thing that opens minds to new ideas, cultures, and ways of thinking. Our mission is to get every traveller the best accommodation deal, worldwide.

We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer with experience in Elixir to join FindHotel’s Online Travel Agency (OTA) tribe in Amsterdam or remotely (between UTC-3 and UTC+3 time zone). You will work with other squads across tribes and collaborate with other software engineers, data analysts, data scientist, designer and PO in the team.

You can apply directly using the application form here. In case you are just starting with Elixir, we have you covered with a non-senior position you can apply here.

LiveView Integration Tests in Elixir

In the second part of this two-part series, you’ll write interactive LiveView tests that validate a full set of live view behaviors.

ThinkingElixir 062: Chris McCord joins and Phoenix 1.6

In episode 62 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Chris McCord about his recent announcement that he’s moved to work at! We cover what this means for the Phoenix project and ongoing Phoenix development work. He shares why he’s excited about the Fly platform which includes how it replaces his need for a CDN! We also talk about the new Phoenix 1.6 release and all the goodness coming there. This release includes the HEEX engine for validated HTML at compile time, making the auth generators official, a new mailer generator, and the move away from Webpack to esbuild. We go deeper on what the move to esbuild means for existing projects before hearing where Chris wants to put his focus next. We covered a lot, so buckle up!

Wrapping your head around assets in Phoenix 1.6

Phoenix 1.6 sports esbuild as a great new default for bundling assets in newly generated Phoenix apps. It also took the opportunity to drop Node and NPM altogether. Here’s what you gain with esbuild, what you lose without NPM and how to have the best of both worlds.

Read more on Cloudless Studio blog.

Authentication with Phoenix and phx_gen_auth (HTML & API)

If you are looking for a tutorial that shows how to implement an authentication logic for both HTML & API (JWT), this article might be useful for you. Hosted on Kalvad’s blog.

Connecting a Remote Team with Phoenix LiveView

The RealReal started a tech blog! In our very first post, check out how we connect our remote workforce AND practice some Phoenix LiveView while you’re at it!

How to correctly install Erlang and Elixir

If you’re constantly jumping from one project to another, it’s not doable to uninstall and install the correct Elixir & Erlang versions every time you need to switch. 🔨 In this post, we will teach you a way to properly install Erlang and Elixir. 🤯

Elixir mocks rocks? Mox vs passing function -

Hi everyone!

In the meantime, as I’m working on a longer video, I felt like I need to close the testing topic with some additional “conversation” video (something to think about).

This is a short video that looks into alternatives to using the Mox package. It takes into consideration passing the dependent function as a part of the initial process state. Then it passes a dependent function to process calls with logic hidden behind the interface functions. This video is a “teaser” to figure out what people think before a longer form functional programming dedicated video is released.

Enjoy <3

Adding Bulma to Phoenix 1.6

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through how to use the bulma-elixir alongside the dart_sass package to install Bulma into a new Phoenix 1.6 application without needing to use Node or NPM.

Check it out!

Phoenix LiveView Tutorial: Bootstrap Your Messenger App

We’re back with the first practical part of our Modern Talking with Elixir series, and this time we’ll get the initial setup for our Phoenix LiveView-based Messenger app up and running.

We’ll prepare our app for Phoenix LiveView and install all needed dependencies, design the app’s Ecto schemas, related contexts, and database structure, to accommodate for the app’s business logic.

As of November 2020, the latest Phoenix LiveView version is 0.14.8 - and the series has been updated to match it!

How database transactions work in Ecto and why Elixir makes it awesome?

Handling database transactions - Since handling database transactions is an aspect that no serious application can evade, it’s awesome that Elixir allows developers to manage them elegantly, which leads to software that does its business well. Check more on our blogpost!

Elixir Wizards S6E12 Wrapping up BEAM Magic with Amos King

The latest episode of the Elixir Wizards podcast hit your feed this morning! Check it out here:

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