Hire 👏🏼 Junior 👏🏼 Engineers 👏🏼 by Sundi Myint

The latest blog post is out today! Check it out! https://smartlogic.io/blog/hire-junior-engineers/

Elixir Pooling with Poolboy

A small post to quickly get started with Poolboy and how to add it to a project https://pulkitgoyal.in/elixir-pooling-with-poolboy

A baton relay process on a 4 node Erlang/Elixir cluster

A baton relay process on a 4 node Erlang/Elixir cluster (running on Raspberry Pis), It is pushing through 3.5K messages per second one message at a time through the cluster https://minhajuddin.com/2021/04/20/a-baton-server-to-test-your-erlang-elixir-cluster/ #MyElixirStatus

Upload files to Google Drive with Phoenix LiveView

This post is focused on helping you with uploading files to the Google Drive service since many times Google services are difficult to understand and it takes time to figure out how to make successful integration, as was my case. That’s why I would like to share with the community how I managed to do it after a long time of searching and testing.


The "Create a crypto bot in Elixir" book is now open source and publicly available 🥳

Hi everyone 👋

As of today, I decided to make my book publicly available online(as a website - you can still download the PDF and EPUB through it) as well as open-source the markdown files of the book itself 🎉

Long story short, as my book grew(and the audience), people started to add suggestions/ideas/errata also dependencies updated, etc. I realized that publishing the book via the Leanpub is not best suited to maintain my book long-term for the benefit of the community.

The new home address of my book is: https://www.elixircryptobot.com/

Here’s the link to the markdown source: https://github.com/frathon/create-a-cryptocurrency-trading-bot-in-elixir

Enjoy ❤️

ThinkingElixir 044: Elixir Data Types with Sasha Fonseca

In episode 44 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Sasha Fonseca about Elixir’s data types behind the scenes. We learn about binary leaks, discuss memory usage, performance considerations, what boxed values are and much more!

Podcast Episode

Machinist lib: New release 0.4.0

Implemented a new way to set from transitions. With this new feature we can group many same-state from definitions.

This is an option for a better organization and an increase of readability when having a large number of from definitions with a same state.

Before version 0.4.0:

# ...
 transitions do
   from :locked,   to: :unlocked, event: "unlock"
   from :unlocked, to: :locked,   event: "lock"
   from :unlocked, to: :opened,   event: "open"
   from :opened,   to: :closed,   event: "close"
   from :closed,   to: :opened,   event: "open"
   from :closed,   to: :locked,   event: "lock"
 # ...

New option to write the transitions:

# ...
transitions do
  from :locked, to: :unlocked, event: "unlock"
  from :unlocked do
    to :locked, event: "lock"
    to :opened, event: "open"
  from :opened, to: :closed,   event: "close"
  from :closed, to: :opened,   event: "open"
  from :closed, to: :locked,   event: "lock"
# .

Simple Configuration Setup for Elixir Projects (v1.11+)

I wrote a blog post about how I configure my projects with config/runtime.exs, .env support, and unified configuration between local development and production: https://blog.nytsoi.net/2021/04/17/elixir-simple-configuration

Introduction to Ecto.Multi by Stephanie Vizzi

Latest blog post is out today! Check it out here: https://blog.smartlogic.io/introduction-to-ecto-multi/

Integrate Google API with Elixir

In this Coletiv blog post, Nuno Bernardes created a tutorial on how to create and edit a Google Sheets spreadsheet for his elixir project. Check the post here

Let's Build An Instagram Clone With The PETAL(Phoenix, Elixir, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, LiveView) Stack [PART 2]

In this part we are going to work on user’s settings and avatar image uploads.

Check it Out

5 Things You Might Not Have Tried in Elixir | Expert


Article Header Image

It talks about 5 unique ways of coding in Elixir that you might not have tried in elixir.

LiveView course: First contact with Phoenix LiveView

This is a new episode of the free introductory Phoenix LiveView course.

After an intro to the cryptocurrency exchange concepts, application design and poeticoins elixir application, in this episode we finally have a first contact with Phoenix LiveView creating our first LiveView module where we render cryptocurrency prices in real-time.

How to compose and refactor Ecto queries with Queries Modules

For a while, I’ve been looking for a perfect way to construct Ecto Queries. At Curiosum we came through a couple of iterations and eventually ended up with a solution that you may call resource-based query modules. Check it out: https://curiosum.dev/blog/composable-elixir-ecto-queries-modules

Let's Build An Instagram Clone With The PETAL(Phoenix, Elixir, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, LiveView) Stack

The better way to learn is by getting our hands dirty and building things, let’s build a simplified version of the Instagram web application with the awesome PETAL(Phoenix, Elixir, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, LiveView) stack.

Check it Out

Clustering Elixir on Gigalixir

In episode #132 we look at clustering an Elixir application that’s running on Gigalixir with libcluster.


ThinkingElixir 043: Membrane with Marcin Lewandowski

In episode 43 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Marcin Lewandowski about Membrane Framework. We learn what it is, the project’s goals, how people are using it and how it can solve the speed-to-market problem when streaming multimedia. We cover WebRTC, radio, industry challenges, why startups fail and much more!

Podcast Episode

PostgreSQL EXPLAIN ANALYZE for Web Developers Part 1 - Indexes


Interpreting the output of SQL EXPLAIN ANALYZE might seem like dark magic at first. I’m starting a series of blog posts where I’ll be well… explaining it based on common use cases from web applications. Read on if you’ve ever wanted to start using EXPLAIN ANALYZE for debugging slow PostgreSQL queries but did not manage to wrap your head around it. In the first part, we’ll discuss how the PostgreSQL query planner decides whether to use an index.

Examples in this tutorial are based on Ruby on Rails. However, SQL query analysis tips apply to all the web technologies like NodeJS, Python Django, or Elixir Phoenix.

Temple, AST, and Protocols

Temple went through a big update recently! So much closer to releasing v0.6.0! https://twitter.com/mitchhanberg/status/1381648752696557577?s=20

Open-source Deep Dive: Broadway

Open-source Deep Dive is a series I started this year where I analyse an open-source project and share my findings about it. In this installment, Broadway - an Elixir library for building data processing pipelines for data sources like message queues - takes center stage!

The article is split into two parts. Part one talks about the general concepts in Broadway like message queues and the architecture of a pipeline. Part two dives into the implementation of various features like rate limiting.

Thank you and happy reading!

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