IdempotencyPlug - Idempotent POST requests

IdempotencyPlug is a plug based library that makes POST and PATCH requests idempotent using an Idempotency-Key HTTP header.

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New release: credo-language-server v0.0.3

credo-language-server v0.0.3 is out! #MyElixirStatus

This release, @wesleimp did us the honor of introducing our CI test suite and helped introduce the second code action! Thanks Weslei!

You can find the full release notes here:

Detecting unused database columns using Ecto schemas

I went spelunking through our production database and realised some columns weren’t referenced in our Ecto schemas, so I went and automated the discovery of unused database columns:

ElixirConf EU 2023, report

I wrote up my conference experience at the delightful ElixirConf EU 2023 in Lisbon.

Thanks to everyone who I talked to. It was a blast.

Hope you enjoy.

Use Heroicons the way Phoenix 1.7.2 does

👉 👀

Want to get Heroicons @elixirphoenix 1.7.2-style but have an existing app? This is what I do👇

  • Update installer: mix archive.install hex phx_new
  • Create sample app: mix sample
  • Move vendored assets in assets/vendor/heroicons
  • Replace your tailwind config with sample app’s in assets/tailwind.config.js
  • Copy the icon function component from CoreComponents
  • Celebrate! 🎉

Phoenix on Rails - a Phoenix course for Rails developers

PHOENIX ON RAILS is a new course that teaches Elixir and Phoenix to developers who already know Ruby on Rails.

It consists of 59 written lessons, equivalent to a 200+ page book. It explains Elixir and Phoenix from scratch in terminology that makes maximum sense to a Rails developer, relating Phoenix to the concepts you already know and making it clear where the two frameworks are similar and where they’re different.

Check it out at The course normally costs $39 - but you can use the code ELIXIRSTATUS at checkout to get $10 off. Email me at if you have any questions.

How to Build a Modal with LiveView in Phoenix 1.7

🧠 Curious about core components?

Check out “How to Build a Modal with LiveView in Phoenix 1.7” by SmartLogic Dev Bilal Hankins for info on the new component-based generators, core TailwindCSS UI components, customization with slots and attribution, and a step-by-step guide to building a modal in LiveView

Security Scanning our Apps with Sobelow

Episode 148 of Thinking Elixir. We go deeper on the Sobelow library, a security-focused static analysis tool for Elixir and Phoenix apps. We talk with Griffin Byatt, the creator, and Holden Oullette, the new maintainer. We learn how and why the project was created, how it works, what it can and can’t do, and how to use it in CI pipelines for continuous scanning. Sobelow is a cornerstone project in the community that checks a critical box for certification requirements which means we get to use Elixir when it might otherwise be a hard sell. Join us as we learn more about the project and the people behind it!

Test Data Libraries for Elixir

In the final part of our testing data with Elixir series, we’ll look at using test data libraries.

Elixir Security: A Guide to Fixing Sobelow Findings now provides guidance on how to fix each Sobelow finding. This documentation is open source, to benefit the Elixir community.

Big O Notation - Analyzing Time Complexity in Elixir

Big O Notation is a broad topic that can be difficult to navigate. This short guide sets out some basic rules for analyzing Time Complexity with Elixir, and introduces general categories using examples.

Debugging is time-consuming and costly - Scenic QoL

When we know callbacks will be used, we can save time by adding warnings and messaging for the developer but keep flexibility by not raising exceptions. Here is one example from a pull request I put together for Scenic.

Doing's Distributed Systems Challenges? Use maelstrom_ex, new on Hex.

I’ve been working through’s distributed systems challenge, but I didn’t want to use Go. So I built an Elixir library for talking to the Maelstrom distributed systems workbench:

IntelliJ Elixir v15.0.1



Bug Fixes

  • #3183 - @vanderson139
    • Support 2023.1 RubyMine and WebStorm. RubyMine and WebStorm have a FIX version of 174, which is less than IntelliJ’s 175 in IntelliJ 2023.1’s builder number, 231.8109.175.

Installation Instructions

Unlock the Power of OTP Tracing in Elixir: Level Up Your Debugging Game!

Trace Messages like a Pro!

Take your Elixir debugging skills to the next level with the ultimate guide to OTP Process tracing on Medium! 🚀👨‍💻 Unlock the power of tracing and conquer complex issues with ease. #ElixirLang #OTPTracing #DebuggingTips

Elixir string operations seem slow, and why it's a good thing

In this clickbaity blogpost we discuss performance in string manipulation and UTF-8 😄

Monolith vs Umbrella Apps vs MicroServices - which, why and when

Our latest Elixir Meetup #16 record is already on our Curiosum YouTube channel.

Szymon Soppa presented Monolith vs Umbrella Apps vs MicroServices - which, why and when -

TestServer - mock third-party services

TestServer makes it easy to mock third-party services in ExUnit.

TestServer spins up an HTTP server with :httpd, Plug.Cowboy, or Bandit, and handles HTTP/1, HTTP/2, WebSocket, and HTTPS endpoints.

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Blog post:

Credo Language Server and the birth of elixir-tools

Thinking Elixir News 147

Episode 147 of Thinking Elixir. Day 1 and 2 of Livebook’s first launch week announcements, a new JsonSchema compiler named Exonerate, Ecto 3.10.0 brings changeset improvements for LiveView, the Image library can now skew and unskew images using Nx, KnockLabs released the one_and_done library for idempotent APIs, and more!

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