ThinkingElixir 047: Crypto Trading in Elixir with Kamil Skowron

In episode 47 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Kamil Skowron about his Youtube channel that walks people through building a crypto-currency trading bot in Elixir. We learn how that led him to start a free online book sharing that content. He covers what people will learn from the process, his goal of helping people see a larger working Elixir system, and his experience writing the book. A fun chat!

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2 Unique Use Cases of GenServer.reply | Deep Insights

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The following are the two use cases we are going to cover in this article.

  • Multi Node Communication via server messages using multi_call
  • Converting Asynchronous request to Synchronous

[debug] Few things we can do with LiveView PID

Let’s see what we can do with a PID when debugging Phoenix.LiveView views.

Create crypto bot in Elixir in 12 minutes!

Hello everyone 👋

Officially this is the most intense/demanding video that I ever released 😀 The video sums up the work over 15 videos released in the series dedicated to “Create a cryptocurrency trading bot in Elixir”. In 12 minutes (excluding intro & outro 😉 ) we will see how a trading bot could be written including a full supervision tree around streaming and trading as well as built-in autostarting for both! It’s a great resource to see the usage of the Elixir/OTP in real-world scenarios.

It’s a great refresher if you want to quickly go through it “once again” or teaser if you are wondering should you invest time in it(according to comments - well worth it 😜). As pointed out in the video, not a lot of in-depth explanations inside - if you are looking for discussion why it’s built the way it is - there are 15 episodes already released on my channel (

Please remember to smash that like button on YouTube if you like it - let’s make Elixir viral 😎

Enjoy ❤️

Pexels client for elixir

The best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators now available as an API at Give your users access to our entire photo and video library without leaving your app or website. It’s free and seamlessly integrates with just a few lines of code. Get started and immediately receive your unique API key.

Elixir SDK for the @ConfigCat feature flag and configuration management service

The ConfigCat Elixir SDK allows you to use ConfigCat’s hosted feature flag service from your Elixir application. The SDK was developed through a collaboration between @igorescobar of @joindrover, @randycoulman of @influxdb, and the @ConfigCat team.

Blog post: SDK:

Elixir em Produção com Vitor Leal, CTO da Solfácil

Podcast Elixir em Foco - No segundo episódio da série Elixir em Produção, conversamos com Vitor Leal, CTO da Solfácil -–CTO-da-Solfcil-e101sbf

Elixir Wizards S6E1 Robert Virding on the Roots of Erlang

Season 6 of Elixir Wizards launches today! Check it out here:

Composing Jobs with Oban Pro

Take a tour through the advanced workers Oban Pro provides for job composition. You’ll learn how they build off the primitives provided by Oban, which use-cases each worker excels at, and how to put them into practice.

An intro to Surface

In episode #133 of we’ll get an intro to the Surface component library.

7 GUIs: Implementing a Counter in LiveView

Ever since my friend introduced me to the 7 GUI tasks, I’ve been interested in doing them with LiveView.

I finished the first one (the simplest one 😁) and wrote some highlights. I hope to do the other ones too!

Passing SSL configuration to Hackney

I found out just recently that passing a single SSL option to Hackney overrides any other settings and therefore makes your calls insecure.

Monitoring Application Email Delivery

Monitor all emails that you send from your app and retry failed deliveries (important if you are not using a dedicated IP for sending and the assigned IP was blacklisted)

Let's Build An Instagram Clone With The PETAL(Phoenix, Elixir, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, LiveView) Stack [PART 4]

In this part, we will work on user’s posts, and sprinkle a little bit of Javascript with a hook that will give us infinite scrolling.

Check it Out

Hackney SSL's unknown certificate authority error

I experienced a sudden Unknown CA error after OTP 23 update.

ThinkingElixir 046: Livebook with Jonatan Kłosko

In episode 46 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Jonatan Kłosko, the coder behind Livebook, about how Livebook works, how the collaborative features work, what can be done with Livebook, what you shouldn’t do with it, and much more! We can’t help but talk about all the fun and cool ways it can be abused and how it’s finding exciting uses outside of machine learning. A great discussion with lots of insights.

Podcast Episode

Frank and the Wizards Intro to Nerves via LiveBook // Stream Archive

Last week’s live stream with Frank Hunleth and the Elixir Wizards is archived on YouTube; Frank walked us through getting started with Nerves on a Raspberry Pi and the new Nerves LiveBook:

I Built a Distributed Turn-Based Game System in Elixir

I created a Jackbox-TV inspired game server system just to see if I could. It’s fully distributed, clustered, and globally deployed. It uses LiveView and PubSub. It is a proof-of-concept that shows how to build multi-player, turn-based games.

I explain how I deployed it to as well. This was my first ever deployment on that platform. Check out the Github Repo and the companion article: Building a Distributed Turn-Based Game System in Elixir

Make your system more predictable by using idempotent interfaces

Do your interfaces always produce the same result, even if they are invoked repeatedly?

Finite Automata with Tarearbol

Blogged on managing FSM with function clauses in each Tarearbol working process.

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