Configuring Phoenix apps: Two small adjustments with big effects

Showcasing two small techniques that improve your happiness when working with Phoenix application configuration.

Let’s build GPT from scratch w/ Nx and Axon

“GPT from scratch” with Nx and Axon following the great video by Andrej Karpathy, everything bundled up in a livebook

A Deep Dive into Subscriptions with Absinthe

In the final part of this series, we’ll see how GraphQL subscriptions work and how to create them with Absinthe:

New daily 5 minute newsletter on all things Elixir

Elixir Merge is a new 5 minute daily newsletter bringing you all the important updates, announcements, and tutorials for @elixirlang.

DoIt - Elixir Command Line Interface Library

I wrote a blog post to demonstrate how is simple to write CLI tools using DoIt. Try it!

Thinking Elixir 163: Job Queues using Oban with Parker Selbert

Episode 163 of Thinking Elixir. If you need background jobs or scheduled tasks in your Elixir project, you’ve probably already heard of Oban. We talk with Parker Selbert, the creator and maintainer of Oban, to learn more about the project and the additional paid features in Oban Web and Oban Pro. Parker explains more of the origins, why he architected the way it is, and how the paid extensions work. We also get some insights into companies using Oban and the kind of scale people reach. Spoiler: 100’s of millions of jobs is a thing.

When to use field :default in an Ecto schema

What does the :default option actually do when you set it on a field in the Ecto schema? This blog post makes a dive into this, to understand how this option works, and discuss when to use it.

🥷 Dodge Runtime Exceptions with Compile Time Config

Runtime Exceptions are the bane of my existence.

How do we maintain compiler benefits while using behaviors?

With a little bit of compile-time config, that’s how.

Get the secret:

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Flop Part 2

In this episode, we’ll build on what we did in part 1 and create a form that filters our albums using Flop.

Blog post: How to Add daisyUI to Your Elixir + Phoenix Project (And Why You Should!)

A blog post with a brief introduction to daisyUI and its features, and how you can integrate it into your Phoenix project with just a few lines of code!

GenServer.reply: Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

A blog post on using :noreply and GenServer.reply to allow a GenServer to continue working even while its callers wait for the result of long-running operations.

Blog post: Using the OpenAI Functions API to estimate story points

I love using LiveBook to prepare my blog posts! It’s great to have the code, prose, and visualizations all in one place. While working on this one, I used a simple filesystem cache to avoid unnecessary re-evaluation in cells that were expensive in terms of time and OpenAI credits… I’ll have to share that tip in a future post.

New Video on Tasks

New video from Bruce Tate in the updated OTP course. Tasks are short-lived GenServers our code can spin up to handle intermediate jobs concurrently. These genservers don’t hold state indefinitely or process loops. Instead, they do a concurrent job and return a result.

How You Can Help Build the Elixir Development Community, Even if You Don't Use it at Work

This is a fantastic article written by our Launch Scout team member and Principal Engineer, Andrew Ek about supporting and building the Elixir community.

Add a Form to a Modal in Phoenix 1.7

In part one of this series, we introduced the core generated components when bootstrapping a new Phoenix project. We used a button and a modal from the core components to lay the groundwork for a “create modal”.

In this post, we will put a form onto the modal and create pets.

Infinite scroll with LiveView's `phx-viewport-bottom`

LiveView 0.19 added phx-viewport-top and phx-viewport-bottom to help with infinite scroll

Just tested it and was amazed that a one line change allowed me to remove my entire InfiniteScroll JS hook! 🤯

Check it out! 👇

Thinking Elixir 162: Elixir to WebAssembly with Orb

Episode 162 of Thinking Elixir. WebAssembly is an interesting technology that feels completely separate from Elixir. Patrick Smith created an Elixir project called Orb, an Elixir DSL for WebAssembly. He also shows how a WebAssembly component can play a meaningful role in a LiveView page! We talk more about what WebAssembly is, the promise for the technology, how it can improve UX, and where Patrick sees real practical applications for Elixir developers.

Blog post: Sorting and Deleting many-to-many assocs with Ecto and LiveView

Explore how to sort and delete many-to-many associations in Ecto using the powerful :sort_param and :delete_param options from cast_assoc, all with the magic of LiveView.


Join the BeamRadio panel for a riveting talk with Sean Moriarity on Elixir and machine learning!

How to help build the Elixir development community

I’ve had a number of conversations with folks who want to help the Elixir community, but who don’t know where to start or feel intimidated by “just make an open source library”. This article provides several concrete things people might try, ranging in size/difficulty from “I can spend 10-15 minutes per week reading and sharing what I learn” to “I can hire Elixir developers!”

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