Using Select2 with Phoenix LiveView

Using Select2 with Phoenix LiveView

​LiveView doesn’t support JavaScript interop at the moment (but it’s a planned feature), so in this article we see how to come up with a workaround to make LiveView playing together with a JavaScript library like Select2.

We see how to take advantage of ​phx:update​ events, which LiveView dispatches every time it updates the DOM. Then, we see how to send events to the server using ​liveSocket.

ElixirMix Podcast 060 - Property-Based Testing, Dialyzer, & Inaka with Brujo Benavides

In this episode of ElixirMix, we talk with Brujo Benavides We also discuss dialyzer, understanding common errors, the company Inaka and the community that grew in its place, and upcoming events like Spawnfest and Elixir Conf Latin America.

Podcast Episode

How to Build a Successful HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Mobile App?

The healthcare industry is being largely reshaped by the growth of mobile apps in the last few years. The stakeholders in the industry are giving life to innovative healthcare mobile app solutions which are getting fuelled by the fast advancements in mobile technology, AI and Big Data.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends, Tips & Challenges

From booking an appointment with the doctor to purchasing medicines, there are dedicated apps for such tasks now. In fact, mHealth apps have made healthcare accessible to a larger population. Apparently, the healthcare mobile app development market is accelerating at an unprecedented pace globally.

A report from Flurry Analytics points out that health and fitness app usage grew by over 330% in the last few years. As per the estimates of the previous year, there are 318,000 health apps available in the app stores worldwide. And around 200 health apps are being added to the stores each day.

The global mobile health market is expected to reach 102 billion by 2023, driven by the increasing role of mobile devices in healthcare and the huge investments flowing towards healthcare application development.

Undoubtedly, there are immense business opportunities in building healthcare/medical mobile applications in the coming years. This blog takes you through some these opportunities and few vital tips to succeed in it.

Healthcare Mobile Apps: Going Beyond the Basics The advancements in technology have taken patient care and health monitoring a step ahead in the last few years leading to better health outcomes.

Today, mHealth apps are becoming smarter, multi-functional and user-friendly which has led to their widespread acceptance among providers/patients. There are apps with advanced features like high-resolution images, end-to-end encryption, real-time monitoring, and other high-level functions. People suffering from chronic life conditions are capable of monitoring their vital statistics daily and contribute in a better way to their health management.

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Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.

Various Elixir resources focused on transition to large-scale production

We working on planning introducing Elixir into our toolbox. This page summarizes key resources we have use / are using for learning Elixir and pushing it to large-scale production.

Introducing Temple: An elegant HTML library for Elixir and Phoenix

Temple is a macro DSL for writing HTML markup in Elixir and a template engine for Phoenix.

Ecto.Rescope release v0.1.0

Just released Ecto.Rescope, which can be used to set a default scope on Ecto schemas. This is useful for defining soft-deletes or other complex scoping.

Usage information and examples provided in documentation. Blog post to follow.

Smart Software podcast S2 on Elixir Internals - E1 Brooklyn Zelenka on Witchcraft

Smart Software Season Two is out! Our topic is Elixir Internals; in our first episode, we talk with Brooklyn Zelenka about Witchcraft, type systems, property-based checking, Dialyzer, and more.

Elixir GenServer Memory Issues

Are you having problems with memory management while using GenServers? Then maybe you should take a look at our latest article for some tips!

What's new in Horde v0.6.1

New in Horde v0.6.1:

  • Tune delta_crdt options
  • Telemetry integration (don’t forget to upgrade delta_crdt too!)
  • Now using libring for better process distribution
  • Added guides for how to deal with state handoff, eventual consistency, and how to set up a cluster

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Elixir maps made effortless

I wrote a short article covering two things I’ve seen frustrate Elixir learners, especially those coming from a language like JS or Ruby—immutability and the use of strings vs atoms for keys.

Upgrading to Elixir Releases - live stream archive

Archive of Eric’s Elixir live stream from last week, starting to look into upgrading Grapevine for Elixir 1.9 release

ElixirMix Podcast 059 - Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users with Matt Nowack

In this episode of ElixirMix, we talk with Matt Nowack at Discord about how they used Rust with Elixir to scale to 11 million concurrent users. We discuss NIFs, dirty schedulers, diagnosing scaling problems, tracing, and much more!

Podcast Episode

[email protected] released

This library allows you to automatically create slugs from other fields in ecto schemas. For example, you can generate URL slugs for articles from their title and date fields.

Check it out!

In a new version we officially bring [email protected] and [email protected] compatibility. However, I didn’t change a single line of production code. <3

I also wrote an article about this library, you may also find it interesting:

open_hours released, version 0.1.0

OpenHours is an Elixir package aimed to help with time calculations using business hours.

Running an eInk display with Elixir, Scenic & Nerves

A new blog post going in-depth on some of the details when using our the new Inky library me an @nyaray made. Some Elixir, some Nerves, some Scenic and if you look under the hood and squint? Some wxWidgets!

Testing Phoenix custom error pages

A short post on using assert_error_sent to test custom error responses on status code, response headers, and body. And when it doesn’t work.

gen_rmq 1.3.0 version release

GenRMQ is a set of behaviours meant to be used to create RabbitMQ consumers and publishers.

New release contains mostly fixes and improvements in custom deadletter configuration.

Building the Go Game in Elixir: Time Travel and the Ko Rule

In part 2 of the Go game in Elixir series, we add the ability to undo and redo moves and implement Go’s ko rule.

petrovich_elixir 1.0 version release

Elixir library to inflect Russian names has a new release. We now support the latest Elixir version and allow to configure json library with Jason as a default one.

Check it out! Full changelog:

Recase 0.5 version release

We have release a new version of recase package that allows you to convert strings to any case from any case. ♻️

In this release we have a new case: Title Case and speed up improvements. Thanks to all contributors!

Full changelog: