ElixirMix Podcast 073: Application Monitoring Using Telemetry With Arkadiusz Gil

In this episode of ElixirMix, we talk with Arkadiusz Gil about the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation, how Telemetry got started, the goals, how it’s integrated into Ecto and Phoenix, the cool way it works internally, how to leverage it for application monitoring and much more!

Podcast Episode

Call for Talks: Erlang, Elixir and friends devroom @ FOSDEM2020

The Call for Talks for the “Erlang, Elixir and friends” devroom at FOSDEM 2020 is now live:


Submit your proposal and come enjoy a weekend with the BEAM community, the free software community and lots of good beers in Brussels!

Ecto & Multi-tenancy - Getting started with dynamic repos

I had reason to dive into dynamic repos for a project. Multi-tenancy was trickier than I thought it would be but is also very much doable with the APIs Ecto provides for it. This post covers the basics with more to come.

Shameless plug: Check out @elixirstatus' other community project:

Credo, a new static code analysis tool that acts as a code linter, but also focusses on teaching coding practices and code consistency.


I wrote a small introduction to Stream.unfold/2: https://dev.to/lasseebert/stream-unfold-2-3a1h

Committee - ⚡ Supercharged git hooks manager in pure Elixir

Committee is a supercharged git hooks manager in pure Elixir

It allows you to manage your git hooks like pre_commit by writing just Elixir

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think :)


IntelliJ Elixir v11.2.0


  • Add ExUnit describe block template.

Bug Fixes

  • Don’t error on runtume in mix deps. guardian is too common of a dependency and too many users have the version with the typo installed.
  • Fix IEx Mix Run/Debug Configuration for asdf by using absolute path to mix.
  • Add OTP 22 and 23 opcodes to Code BEAM Chunk Viewer

    • put_tuple/2
    • bs_get_tail/3
    • bs_start_match3/4
    • bs_get_position/3
    • bs_set_position/2
    • swap/2

Installation Instructions

How database transactions work in Ecto and why Elixir makes it awesome?

Elixir is great at handling database transactions with the ubiquitous Ecto library. Read Michal’s article to learn why it’s important and how the functional nature of Elixir helps manage transactional pipelines.

Setting up PrismJS with Phoenix

I published a new tutorial on PrismJS: https://alchemist.camp/articles/phoenix-prism-syntax-highlighting

It’s a quick guide to get it set up on Phoenix (or just about any back-end framework that takes an agnostic approach towards JS). The code shown in the tutorial itself uses this setup.

PrismJS is a great option for code syntax highlighting. It supports a vast array of plugins and the total script weighs in at just 2k, gziped. Extra programming languages add 0.3-0.5KB each and themes are around 1KB. It’s used by Stripe, along with many other companies that deeply value documentation.

How we improved our Elixir build speed by 5x

In this post, I explain some of the actions we took to improve both reliability and speed of our CI build, on an Elixir + Phoenix application.

How we improved our Elixir build speed by 5x

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ElixirMix Podcast 072: People-Centered Solutions with Travis Elnicky

In this episode of ElixirMix, we talk with Travis Elnicky about how Podium hires, trains, and runs a large Elixir shop. We learn why they chose Elixir, how they grew to 130 engineers, how they structure teams, organizing internal training, use their CI setup to give feedback, and much more!

Podcast Episode

I just released Incident 0.4.0, library for Event Sourcing and CQRS

I just released a new version, 0.4.0, of Incident, a library that provide abstractions to implement Event Sourcing and CQRS in your application.

In this release, I introduced a mix task to generate events table during setup, new commands and events for the Bank example app and better documentation.

Check it out: https://hex.pm/packages/incident

ElixirOutlaws - Refactoring is a dumb word

This week the hosts discuss Strangeloop, Unison, handling breaking changes, refactoring and how to build open systems. https://elixiroutlaws.com/55

Writing Tests with ExVCR

In this episode we’ll look at how you can write tests using ExVCR.


What I'm up to - Mostly Elixir

A new blog post giving an overview of what I’m up to. It teases some of what I expect to write about in the future and lays down some basic info on what I might be releasing and publishing later. A lot of Elixir these days (nice) and also some Vue (actually quite nice).

Kalman Filter, implemented in Elixir

I implemented the Kalman Filter in Elixir. Cees de Groot made it more user friendly. If your are doing a Nerves project with sensors, signal strength (think Bluetooth) or something similar Kalman is your friend! You’ll find the package on Hex.

Elixir Trickery: Cheating on Structs, And Why It Pays Off

Elixir’s Struct mechanism is extensively used and it’s both simple and powerful. And it’s sometimes good to cheat on it a bit, especially in library development. Read Michal’s new article at Curiosum.dev.

Dynamic Conditionals with Ecto

Walkthru from Dan on how to prototype a complex search with Dynamic Conditionals in Ecto: https://blog.smartlogic.io/dynamic-conditionals-with-ecto/

Run the timing task efficiently in erlang?

How to complete the timing task quickly and efficiently? Here are three common ways to implement timing tasks and their advantages and disadvantages.

ElixirMix Podcast 071: The Problem with Dialyzer with Chris Keathley

In this episode of ElixirMix, we talk with Chris Keathley about Design by Contract, his library Norm. We discuss the what and how, compare it to using Changesets and using it with testing. We set the record straight on Bleacher Report’s early use of Elixir and much more!

Podcast Episode

Smart Software Podcast - Dave Lucia on Rustler

New episode! Dave Lucia on Rustler. We talked with Dave about Rust and Elixir, how he got involved in open source, and his tips for folks who are wanting to contribute.