MOX ROCKSS!! Hands-on Elixir & OTP

Hello everyone,

I’m extremely happy to announce that I’ve released a new Elixir video titled “Mox Rockss”. The video focuses on using Mox to mock out dependencies in a non-trivial project. It skims over behaviours and shows that Mox provides great flexibility by allowing function bodies to be defined from the tests.


How to generate thumbnails in Elixir

Short post on how to generate thumbnails with proper scaling mechanism.

Authorization and Policy Scopes with Elixir/Phoenix

Authorization is usually an important part of any application, but it is also something that is not very often talked about. This post discusses authorization techniques and also an opinionated way of organizing your authorization code within Phoenix Contexts and Ecto Schemas.

Elixir makes it really easy to roll up a Mock server to test WebSocket clients.

This post discusses about a very high level overview of implementing a long running connection between two services with the use of WebSocket and then writing unit tests for the functionality.

line messaging api client for Elixir

My weekly progress, I wrote a library to working with LINE Messaging API named line_ex_messaging_api. This library is part of line_ex. Currently support only send messages (reply, push, multicast and broadcast), getting usages.

The line_ex_webhook now use line_ex_messaging_api to reply messages to user. If someone try and found a bug, please report an issue. :)

IntelliJ Elixir 11.13.0



Bug Fixes

  • Remove bintray repositories.


  • Update build to IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.
  • Upgrade to Gradle 7.1.1.
  • Expand compatibility range to 2021.1.2-2021.2.

Installation Instructions

Livebook as a Business Intelligence tool

Livebook may have been created for machine learning, but because it can connect to your live running app, it means you can also use the graphing and analysis tools for doing Business Intelligence (BI)!

Check out this guide that walks you through connecting Livebook to your app running on and start gaining insight!

This post explains why this is a big deal:

Don't lose your Slack bookmarks anymore

Export your Saved Items in Slack to a neat HTML file - for your own reference or as a simple archive. #myelixirstatus #opensource

Elixir Wizards S6E8 Maxim Fedorov on Building and Scaling WhatsApp with Erlang

The latest episode of the Elixir Wizards podcast hit your feed this morning! Check it out here:

Top 10 Elixir companies to follow in 2021

Learn the benefits of Elixir development and the success stories of top companies using this technology.

#myelixirstatus #phoenix #bestelixircompanies #productdevelopment

A Guide to Hot Code Reloading in Elixir

Discover how to use hot code reloading and updates in your production code upgrade in Elixir.

ThinkingElixir 057: Scaling Live Chat with Cade Ward

In episode 57 of Thinking Elixir, we sat down with co-host Cade Ward to hear how he and his team tackled a problem of hosting live web chats with crowds of 120K+ users coming together for live events. On the show, we have talked with a couple guests with similar bursting high-load situations. Cade had been through it too so it was time to dig in and cover how this situation can be solved. We cover the different attempts and temporary solutions used and the final solution that has been working really well. In fact it works so well, during a recent event, the auto-scaling didn’t kick in and everything was still fine!

Elixir Learnings

Learnings from developing professionally and hiring/onboarding hundreds of elixir engineers

LINE APIs library for Elixir

I’ve prototype LINE APIs library for Elixir, focus on LINE webhook called line_ex

Released this week: Legendary 3.1.1

We made tons of improvements to Legendary this week– Tailwind 2, automatic linting, test coverage visualization in GitLab, and tons of bug fixes.

Check out the latest at:

How Far Can I Push a GenServer?

In this post I invite readers to take a (hopefully) practical journey with me learning more about GenServers. I share both my successes and failures in the hope that it can help others learn more about using and scaling processes.

Highlights for the 4th GUI task in LiveView: an interactive timer.

Lots of fun challenges. I used LiveView hooks (which are great) and was very proud not to introduce an actual timer until the very last step of the project.

Check it out at

New Testing LiveView lesson: Testing JavaScript Hooks. 🛠

LiveView lets us do so much without writing custom JavaScript. But sometimes, we have to interact with it. Thankfully, LiveView and LiveViewTest still make it a joy to do so.

Check it out at

Elixir Wizards S6E7 Chelsea Troy on the Importance of Access and the Impact of Teaching

The latest episode of the Elixir Wizards podcast hit your feed this morning! Check it out here:

Elixir authorization plugs

How to implement a simple authorization on the router level with Plugs.

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