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ExCheck 0.13: re-run failed, detect unused deps & more

Hello alchemists. I’m glad to let you all know that I’ve released ex_check v0.13, full of useful new features to supercharge your Elixir code checking workflow even further. Many of these features come from @asummers so thanks Andrew!

  • New :unused_deps curated tool runs mix deps.unlock –check-unused to ensure that there are no unused dependencies in the project’s mix.lock file (e.g. after removing a previously used dependency. This should keep your lockfiles nice & clean.

  • It’s now possible to quickly re-run checks that have failed in the last run with the –failed command line option akin to one in ExUnit, making the fixing loop even faster.

  • Manifest file backing the above feature is a plain text that may optionally be saved at path given with –manifest option so it may be easily used to produce PR comments on CI etc.

  • New –config command line option allows to point to arbitrary configuration file path e.g. for cases when you’d like to share the defaults across projects.

As a side note, to celebrate 100 stars on GitHub I’ve recently reworked the project with new logo and demo embedded in README to quickly show how mix check works. You can witness it along with my poor vim skills below :) Cheers and happy Holidays!