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Anyone for Waffles? An open-source file upload library for Elixir

Do you work on Elixir projects that need to handle file uploads from users?

Waffle is a flexible library, developed by one of our engineers — Boris Kuznetsov — which does the hard work of handling file uploads for you, whilst providing easy integration with storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure, RackSpace Cloud, as well as image manipulation tools such as ImageMagick, so that uploaded files can be optimised on-the-fly!

Waffle grew out of a fork of a now-unsupported library, to which we’ve added complete documentation, fixed outstanding issues, merged open pull requests, added integrations with other parts of the Elixir ecosystem (in particular Phoenix and Ecto). We’ve also working on new features, such as file validation based upon content rather than the type supplied by the browser.

This release of Waffle is v1.0.0. If you’ve previously used Arc, you’ll find the transition to Waffle very straightforward, although note that the dependencies have been upgraded, and Poison has been removed in favour of Jason.

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