IoT Traffic Light for CI Status Updates Adding Gleam to a Mix project

IntelliJ Elixir v11.7.0



  • Convert annotator.ModuleAttribute to Kotlin
    • Apply optional Kotlin transformations.

Bug Fixes

  • Check if at least one resolution for module attribute references is valid

    Previously, it was checked if module attributes resolved to exactly one declaration, but this is no longer true with the looser reference resolution that allows invalid results for PisPolyVariantReference. resolve() will return null when there is more than one result from multiResolve even if some are invalid, so we need to explicitly check if the PsiReference is a PsiPolyVariantReference and if so check if any are valid.

  • Fix deprecation warnings for annotator.ModuleAttribute.

  • Quick fixes for inlinables in annotator.ModuleAttribute.

  • Fix iex and erl arguments not being saved for IEx Mix Run Configurations.

Installation Instructions