Elasticlunr Query DSL Meaningful config keys in Elixir projects

IntelliJ Elixir 12.1.0




  • Add MacPorts SDK locations to README.
  • Add support for ** operator to lexer and parser.
  • Color settings for each sigil name. Both the interpolating (lower case) and literal (upper case) name use the same settings.
  • Add support for stepped ranges

Bug Fixes

  • Decompile {:|, …, …} as cons operator in Elixir Dbgi.
  • Fix missing guards when decompiling Elixr DbgI clauses using special decompiler Guards where missing because only decompiler.appendSignature was used.
  • Fix module.Reference.calculateDefaultRangeInElement element.textOffset instead of element.textLength was used for end of range.
  • Render OtpErlangExternalFun correctly as remote captures (&Mod.fun/arity). Fixes decompiling Ecto.Changeset.validate_number.
  • Protect ExUnit configuration Producer from ElixirFile without VirtualFile.
  • Unquote.treeWalkUp no longer assumes that the final argument to unquote is a Call.
  • Fix Find Usages for call definitions
    • Don’t resolve primary Find Usages element. The primary element passed to FindUsageHandler is now already resolved, so resolving it again for call definitions finds usages of def, defmacro, etc.
    • Since the element passed to FindUsagesProvider#canFindUsageFor, definers can no longer be excluded, so remove that check.
  • Don’t highlight Quote or Sigil as normal text if part of documentation. Since the annotators will run in arbitrary order, the Textual annotator has to avoid annotating the same nodes as the ModuleAttribute annotator or the colors can get interleaved.
  • Put ENTRANCE and Initial Visited Element in __module__.Resolver.
  • Keep searching when resolving type parameters if bitstring is encountered.
  • Fix UnaliasedName.unaliasedName for atoms.
  • Restore ElixirAtom#getName Lost when parser was regenerated when Elixir <= 1.6 support was dropped in 679a9689cfe097018b9baa4e894d4550a84d7aac.

Installation Instructions