ThinkingElixir 110: The End of Localhost Development? Introducing the Livebook desktop app

IntelliJ Elixir v13.2.0




  • Rendered Markdown toggle for @moduledoc, @typedoc, and @doc
    • Inject markdown in @doc deprecated: …
    • Inject Markdown into doc lines and heredocs
    • Ignore false for documentation module attributes
    • Ignore @doc metadata that can’t include Markdown
      • guard: …
      • since: …
    • Ignore @callback(unquote(spec)) when trying to find typespecs
    • Interleave Markdown and Elixir for doctests
      • Mark code blocks as Elixir language in Markdown documentation
      • Mark multi-line exceptions in doctests as Markdown
      • Treat DBG prefix doctest lines as Markdown instead of Elixir
      • Resolve owner of docs as following call definition clause.
      • Count …> as Markdown since it’s not Elixir syntax
      • Count ** (… as Markdown since it’s not Elixir syntax for exception in iex prompts
      • Count iex> as Markdown since it’s not Elixir syntax
    • Documentation links in rendered documentation
      • Modulars MODULE
      • Callbacks
        • Relative (c:NAME/ARITY)
        • Absolute (c:MODULE.NAME/ARITY)
      • Types
        • Relative (t:NAME/ARITY)
        • Absolute (t:MODULE.NAME/ARITY)
      • Functions and Macros
        • Relative (NAME/ARITY)
        • Absolute (MODULE.NAME/ARITY)
  • Quick Documentation for more elements
    • Callbacks (@doc above @callback and @macrocallback)
    • Types (@typedoc above @type, @typep, and @opaque)
  • Compatibility with IntelliJ 2022.2.
  • Updated Elixir version used in tests.
  • Updated Gradle dependencies.

Bug Fixes

  • Add compiled CallDefinitionImpl delegation targets to resolve results
  • Log non-Call modulars for resolving delegation
  • Fix operator token set for **.

Installation Instructions