5 Questions to 9 Elixir Developers for the 10th Anniversary of Elixir Language Lazy Sequences in Elixir and Erlang

Elixir Meetup #6 ▶ hosted by Curiosum ▶ Gustavo Oliveira & Adolfo Neto

6th Elixir Meetup hosted by Curiosum ▶ http://curiosum.com

We discussed 2 presentations of our Elixir experts:

  • Gustavo Oliveira: TDD with Liveview simpler than you imagine! Description: We have been discussing TDD for over 10 years ago, and how good amazing is this tool for companies and developers. In this presentation, you will learn how to use TDD with Liveview and how easy, simple, fast and reliable you can build your apps using simple techniques.

  • Adolfo Neto: Learning Erlang and Elixir through Exercism and Advent of Code Description: There are numerous authorization libraries for Phoenix Framework - I will show you why none of those does it right and how we’re crafting the ecosystem’s first access control library that integrates seamlessly with both Plug and LiveView and perhaps more than that.