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Create crypto bot in Elixir in 12 minutes!

Hello everyone 👋

Officially this is the most intense/demanding video that I ever released 😀 The video sums up the work over 15 videos released in the series dedicated to “Create a cryptocurrency trading bot in Elixir”. In 12 minutes (excluding intro & outro 😉 ) we will see how a trading bot could be written including a full supervision tree around streaming and trading as well as built-in autostarting for both! It’s a great resource to see the usage of the Elixir/OTP in real-world scenarios.

It’s a great refresher if you want to quickly go through it “once again” or teaser if you are wondering should you invest time in it(according to comments - well worth it 😜). As pointed out in the video, not a lot of in-depth explanations inside - if you are looking for discussion why it’s built the way it is - there are 15 episodes already released on my channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVYIx7M6o28&list=PLxsE19GnjC5Nv1CbeKOiS5YqGqw35aZFJ&index=1)

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Enjoy ❤️