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Exogiri 0.3.0

Today is the first major (usable) release of Exogiri.

I got tired of not having access to the awesome power of Ruby’s Nokogiri in Elixir, so I ported it. It’s also my first major C project in a while, and my first NIF. So if you’re looking for a project to rip a new one - I encourage you to dig on in.

Currently accepting feedback on:

  • Unimplemented minimum viable project features (stuff that would prevent you from even using the library)
  • Features from libxml2 I forgot to document as unfinished
  • Possible memory leaks
  • Gotchas with NIFs I just plain missed
  • There are platforms the extension doesn’t build on
  • Dude that just isn’t how you do things in C

Grab it here: https://hex.pm/packages/exogiri

Let know where I might have biffed it here: https://github.com/TreyE/exogiri