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ThinkingElixir 098: Elixir in the iOS App Store with Dominic Letz

In episode 98 of Thinking Elixir, Dominic Letz did something I thought was impossible. He got an Elixir application packaged up, approved, and available through the Apple App Store on iOS devices. The application runs Elixir on the device, creates a web view, and hosts Phoenix LiveView pages. They went further and created a bridge to integrate with more of the platform specific features of the device. Is Android your preferred platform? They have it running there as well and in the Google Play Store. We talk about how it works, challenges overcome, and where it is now. They also created several Github projects that show how to do this yourself to create a cross-platform desktop application and apps for Apple and Android mobile devices. Very cool! They want your help to make it even better.