Phoenix LiveView Auth - ElixirCasts 12 Ways to Improve Your Monolith Before Transitioning to Microservices

Elixir Meetup #7 by Curiosum!

The cost of developer time is too expensive‼️ You don’t want to waste it‼️☝️ How can you achieve this? Learn more on July 13 at our NEXT ELIXIR MEETUP! 👨‍💻 Register here:

One of our goals in day-to-day development is to optimize things, and that’s exactly what we should do to our CIs: reduce badly spent developer time and engage them in something more productive. 📊 📈

13.07.2022, on Elixir Meetup #7, Szymon Soppa will guide you through some steps we implemented in CI at Curiosum and propose a local CI setup that can be shared across your team.

In short: check as much as possible in an automated way, and do not waste time on things you don’t have to do in Code Review and daily development. ✅

Register here:

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