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The "Create a crypto bot in Elixir" book is now open source and publicly available 🥳

Hi everyone 👋

As of today, I decided to make my book publicly available online(as a website - you can still download the PDF and EPUB through it) as well as open-source the markdown files of the book itself 🎉

Long story short, as my book grew(and the audience), people started to add suggestions/ideas/errata also dependencies updated, etc. I realized that publishing the book via the Leanpub is not best suited to maintain my book long-term for the benefit of the community.

The new home address of my book is: https://www.elixircryptobot.com/

Here’s the link to the markdown source: https://github.com/frathon/create-a-cryptocurrency-trading-bot-in-elixir

Enjoy ❤️