The little story of Elixir programming language [Elixir Wizards S7E9] Brooklyn Zelenka and The Exciting World of Edge Computing

IntelliJ Elixir 12.2.0




  • Test against support IDEA versions in CI to prevent another Find Usage regression
    • 2021.2.3 FindUsageTests differ from manual testings, so don’t test 2021.2.3
    • Make FindUsagesTest UsageViewTreeText work for both 2021.1.3 and other versions
    • Add kernel.ex to all Find Usage Tests to ensure it doesn’t work because it can’t resolve primary element
  • Add find usages for def test

Bug Fixes

  • Work-around Find Usage bug due to temporary change in JetBrains API only in versions that have that change.
    • Restore old find_usages.handler.Call
    • Determine whether to resolve FindUsageHandler primary element based on application build number Assume that are 213.* builds have the already resolved call. This excludes 2021.3, but not 2021.3.1, which includes the fix to restore the 2021.1.3 behaviour.
  • Fix HTML errors in description.html.
  • Add card one-liner.

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