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IntelliJ Elixir v11.12.0

Bug Fixes

  • Only descend into modular children of modular for Module scope. Prevents recursion loops on use calls.
  • Don’t search for unquoted variable value if variable is value for do:.
  • Protect from IndexNotReady in resolver.Module.multiResolveProject.
  • Stop walking unquoted variable that resolves to a parameter.
  • Walk case in __using__ to find quote in any clause. Fixes resolving test macro from use PowerAssert
  • Resolve functions declared in quote‘s scope when block injected with unquote(block). Fixes resolving field, timestamps, and index in schema for use Yacto.Schema as it makes the block see the import Yacto.Schema above unquote(block) in the quote in schema(…, do: block).
  • Convert MissingSDK errors for Dialyzer into Notifications.
  • Log element in psi.scope.Type instead of using TODO()
  • Add missing mix deps options to non-path influencing list.
  • Fix incorrect OuterElementType in eex.lexer.TemplateData.
  • Run QualifiedAlias#text in runReadAction for QualifiedAlias#name
  • Return null Chunk instead of throwing IOException when read incomplete due to partially written file.
  • Use TabbedPaneWrapper.AsJBTabs instead of JBTabbedPane for “BEAM Chunks” tabs to fix labels not showing up.
  • Don’t require Alias qualifier to be a PsiNamedElement to support ElixirAtom qualifiers.
  • Any.isDecompiled for CallDefinitionHead.


  • Find Deps in function calls in the deps() list.
  • Dep.putPath from a variable.
  • Treat Memoize defmemo as def and defmemop as defp.
  • Resolve exception/1 and message/1 to defexception.
  • Resolve to callbacks when searching in any module.
  • Support arity intervals for unquote_splicing in parameters.

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