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IntelliJ Elixir 7.4.0

Installation Instructions


  • Allow files to skip interpreting in the debugger to be configured in Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment > Debugger > Stepping. It is recommended to customize these settings instead of using INTELLIJ_ELIXIR_DEBUG_BLACKLIST environment variable. INTELLIJ_ELIXIR_DEBUG_BLACKLIST should be reserved to additional modules that need to not be interpreted only for specific runs.
  • Ship a set of patterns that excludes Elixir standard library by default and most mix dependencies, so that debugger boots faster for most users.
  • Support debugging .eex templates
  • Detect MFAs that refer to template functions in Phoenix view modules derived from .eex template files, to allow stepping through Elixir tags in those templates.
  • Allow setting breakpoints in .eex files when a .beam file using the template’s relative can be found. This means that the Phoenix view module .beam file must exist in _build prior to setting a breakpoint. Run the Run Configuration once, before debugging to complete the build if setting a breakpoint does not work.

    • .beam files are now indexed by their Line chunk filenames subsection to power this feature.
  • Cache .beam Beam Cache on VirtualFile. Cache is invalidated and refreshed on modification of the VirtualFile. Cache is used for both BEAM Chunks read-only editors and Line chunk file name index.
  • Each package manager uses a different root path and which directory to pick above the ebins varies by package manager, so document package manager install paths.
  • Show warnings-as-errors checkbox as original blocker has been fixed for awhile and ProcessAdapter turns warning text into errors that IDE understands.
  • When importing Mix projects, don’t exclude compiler output from indexing because it is needed to resolve Elixir Line Breakpoints in EEx files.
  • For pre-existing Elixir modules, they will be converted to not exclude compiler output.
  • Exclude known uninterpretable modules
  • Bcrypt.Base
  • :erocksdb
  • :lz4
  • :re2

Bug Fixes

  • Turn off debug flag when starting IntelliJElixir.DebugServer, which removes the *DBG* statements that kept printing in the ExUnit output when using the debugger.
  • Fix conversion of Elixir module names to Erlang module names for INTELLIJ_ELIXIR_DEBUG_BLACKLIST environment variable.
  • Cache null SDK Release, so that when Elixir is configured, but the Erlang path is broken (such as after a brew unlink erlang, the Release calculating using elixir
  • Implement Macro.atomToString
  • Properly render improper lists
  • Show improper list with explicit | for presenation
  • Children of improper lists show head and tail instead of index.
  • Show Elixir indices (0-based) instead of Erlang indices (1-based) for lists and tuples. * Loosen check on the path suffix by looking for onlyliband notlib/erlang/lib, so that it works for both Homebrew'sebinpaths and ASDF'sebinpaths. * Harmonize JPS compile server's invoking ofmixto pattern used in Run Configuration runners. * Usemixpath from SDK * No longer say the build succeeded when there are obviousmixerrors * Parsemix compile` output for compilation errors and warnings When “warnings-as-errors” is enabled in “Elixir compiler” settings, IDE also shows warnings as errors. IDE will know build failed if there are errors (or warnings treated as errors) and properly allow rebuild. * Some modules, like NIF modules, can’t be loaded into the debugger. Individual modules not being debuggable shouldn’t kill the debugger task, so rescue the known error and record it for later debugging of the debugger.

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