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ThinkingElixir 105: Plausible Analytics, Elixir, and Privacy with Uku Taht

In episode 105 of Thinking Elixir, we learn about Plausible Analytics, a privacy respecting alternative to Google Analytics that is cloud or self-hostable, OpenSource and written in Elixir! Uku Taht shares how he founded the company, the mission he is on, and what he prioritizes. The company practices a “transparent by default” approach. This means they share a lot about what’s going on, this includes how they recently reached $1m ARR, some of their growing pains, and dealing with the weight of being “the one who has to fix things.” We end with a candid discussion about wellness in our profession and how when we are too close to the problems, we become blind to our own successes. A great, transparent conversation with Uku!