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Experimenting with graph databases with Memgraph and Elixir

I had a conversation with Marko Budiselić, the CTO at Memgraph, during this year’s DORS/CLUC conference. We discussed graph databases in detail and explored their capabilities and applications. Since I had no prior experience with graph databases, I found the discussion fascinating. As an enthusiastic user of Elixir, I was especially curious about the possibility of integrating Elixir with Memgraph and using its features within the Elixir ecosystem.

The idea of this post is to experiment with Memgraph and see (1) if we can use it with Elixir at all, and (2) how it all works under the hood. As of the time of writing this I haven’t found any tutorials or guides on how to use it with Elixir, and we obviously need to fix that ASAP 😀.