Fine tuning DistilBERT model for Extractive Question Answering in Elixir An interview with Herminio Torres at Code BEAM America 2022

Thinking Elixir News 202

Episode 202 of Thinking Elixir. In this week’s edition, we dive into the exciting release of ElixirLS 0.21.0, enhancing the developer experience with new code actions and more efficient dialyzing on the latest OTP. We also discuss José Valim’s insightful commentary on Elixir’s upcoming type system, addressing bug-prone comparison operations, and additional advancements in exception handling. Don’t miss the unveiling of “Bloom,” an opinionated extension to Phoenix core components, alongside Chris McCord’s demo of lightning-fast hot code deploys across a global cluster. We round off with the legal tussle over the FTC’s ruling on non-compete clauses and AWS’s S3 billing adjustments that provide relief from unauthorized access charges, and more!