Podcast: LiveView Native with Brian Cardarella Shell scripting with Elixir

Thinking Elixir News 189

Episode 189 of Thinking Elixir. In this week’s podcast, we cover the release of Elixir 1.16.1 with its various bug fixes, delve into German Velasco’s ExUnit testing tip for running tests in parallel, explore the performance boosts experienced by Thomas Millar after upgrading to Bandit, and celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Inch, René Föhring’s documentation analysis tool. We also discuss the innovative use of Elixir Protocols for customized route parameters in Phoenix, the creation of a new Kino for embedding YouTube videos into Livebook, and a stark reminder of the potential dark side of AI and ML with a deepfake phishing scam that cost a company $25 million, and more!