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IntelliJ Elixir v13.0.0



Incompatible Changes


  • #2594 - @KronicDeth
    • Support 2022.1 IDEs
      • Update IntelliJ Plugin Gradle to 1.5.3.
      • Set untilBuild explicitly
      • Target JVM Version 11
  • #2633 - @KronicDeth
    • Expand untilBuild to cover PATCH releases of 2022.1.

Bug Fixes

  • #2594 - @KronicDeth
    • Fix (some) plugin verifier warnings
      • Fix (some) deprecation warnings.
      • Use fewer Internal APIs.
  • #2633 - @KronicDeth
    • Don’t use ElixirModuleType to check if it is available. It will not load in IDEs that lack JavaModuleBuilder, which is why I was hard coding the ran previously.
    • Don’t use XmlSerializer as equivalent of DefaultJDOMExternalizer The DefaultJDOMExternalizer method calls weren’t writing anything and the explicit attribute value accesses were, so it is more correct to just remove the original deprecated calls.

Installation Instructions