EventBus v1.0.0 released 🎉🎊 Drab 0.7.0 is out!

WebSockex 0.4.1 Released!


  • Allow :via and :global tuples for named registration.
  • This includes handling for cast/2 and send_frame/2.
  • Add access to response headers during handle_connect/2 via Conn.resp_headers.
  • Add Conn.parse_url/1 to handle url to URI conversion.
  • Allow Conn.new/2 to use a url string instead of a URI struct.
  • Automatically add a “/“ path to a pathless url.
  • The HTTP request will break without a valid path!
  • Add child_spec definitions for Elixir 1.5+
  • Or any version that exports Supervisor.child_spec/2
  • Some documentation tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • No longer invoke handle_disconnect if there is reason to exit from invoking a callback. (e.g. an exception was raised)
  • Properly handle unexpected SSL socket termination.
  • This seems pretty important, but I don’t know…
  • Return a descriptive error when trying to use send_frame/2 in a callback.

Take a look at the v0.4.0...v0.4.1 diff or the release on hex.pm for more information.

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