AC Side Projects: Launching WebSockex 0.4.1 Released!

EventBus v1.0.0 released 🎉🎊

EventBus library is a traceable, extendable and minimalist event bus implementation for Elixir with built-in event store and event watcher based on ETS. It allows basic pub/sub for internal process communication. It is designed for low memory footprint and speed.

Some of the features

  • Fast data writes with enabled concurrent writes to ETS.

  • Fast data reads with enabled concurrent reads from ETS.

  • Fast by design. Almost all implementation data accesses have O(1) complexity.

  • Memory friendly. Instead of pushing event data, pushes event shadow(event id and topic) to only interested subscribers.

  • Applies queueing theory to handle inputs.

  • Extendable with addons.

  • Traceable with optional attributes. Optional attributes compatible with opentracing platform.

  • Minimal with required attributes(Incase, you want it to work minimal use 3 required attributes to deliver your events).

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